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Ever since The Food Club opened up in Utrecht in 2017, I wanted to go there. I found out about The Food Club via Instagram. I’ve been following Carlijn from @foodlesss on Instagram for years. So when she announced that she and her husband Jeroen would open up their own restaurant, I was very excited. But as you might know how these things go (busy, busy, busy), I didn’t have time to go yet. But last week I finally found the time to travel to Utrecht to visit The Food Club.

Restaurant The Food Club is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s located on the Amsterdamsestraatweg, close to trainstation Utrecht Zuilen. I loved the interior with many industrial aspects like copper lamps and black steel bar stools. There was a long brown leather sofa against the wall and the chairs were blue velvet. Above the sofa were all kinds of plants, and there’s a small wall with shelves with small cactus plants close to the bar, with the names of some of the crowdfunders on the pots.

The Food Club is ‘accidentally gluten free’ as they call it. I knew that Carlijn has to eat gluten free, so I knew that her restaurant was also 100% ‘glutenvrij’. But on the menu you don’t see it stated anywhere. Jeroen explained that they like to positivly surprise their guests by showing how delicious glutenfree food can be. I can imagine that some people mighthave a judgement about the menu if they hear that it’s gluten free beforehand. So this is a nice way to go out for lunch if you have coeliakie or if you don’t want to eat gluten, and you can surprise the friends that you take with you.

On the breakfast and lunch menu of The Food Club in Utrecht you’ll find all your favorite brunch staples like Shakshuka, hummus sandwich and Eggs Benedict. They also have 3 glutenfree bowls with sushi rice. We went for the avocado toast with goat cheese and pommegranate seeds and the pancakes with fresh fruit.

For dinner they serve the same sushi rice bowls and a Canadian Pork Belly. They also have a vegan dish with tortilla’s and jackfruit; perfect for if you want to eat vegan and glutenfree in Utrecht. They also have 3 weekly changing meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.
They also have all kinds of desserts like almond-date cake and stewed pears.

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