TikTok Trend: Big Mac Tacos (vegetarian recipe)

It’s the food trend on TikTok nowadays: Big Mac Tacos. They’re inspired by the famous Big Mac from McDonalds, but it’s not a burger but a taco. On this page I’m sharing the vegetarian version of the popular recipe. Scroll down for my vegetarian recipe of the TikTok Trend of Big Mac Tacos.

TikTok Trend

After TikTok became popular, it happens a few times a year that a recipe shared there goes viral. It often starts with one person making it and sharing the video on TikTok and then you’ll see more and more people recreating the recipe and even more people watching the recipe videos. The very popular TikTok recipes also become known on other platforms like Instagram.
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Big Mac Tacos

The Big Mac Tacos are the TikTok food trend of the summer of 2023. Instead of a hamburger bun you’ll use a taco. And you won’t be needing hamburger patties, as you’ll put the minced meat straight on the taco. Like a Big Mac, these tacos also includes lettuce, cheese and gherkins (pickles).

Fun fact; the American word ‘gherkin’ comes from the Dutch word for pickles ‘augurken’ (gurken).

Another important part of this recipe is the sauce. On TikTok people shared a recipe to make your own Big Mac sauce, and it’s easier than you think!

This dish is sometimes called Big Mac Wraps. This is because in some countries tacos aren’t Mexican tacos but hard shell tacos. In many European countries the soft tacos are called ‘wraps’. So depending on where you’re from you might call these Big Mac Tacos or Big Mac Wraps.

On this page I’m sharing a vegetarian version of the popular dish, including the recipe for the Big Mac sauce. Quickly scroll down for my vegetarian recipe of the TikTok trend Big Mac tacos.

Vegetarian Big Mac Tacos

As you might know, I’m a vegetarian. All the recipes on my blog are meat free. I always love the challenge of creating vegetarian or even vegan versions of well-known meat dishes. I’ve even made a vegetarian version of Philly Cheesesteak.
The Bic Mag tacos on this page aren’t the first vegetarian tacos that I made. I’ve made Pulled Jackfruit Tacos, Skinny Tacos with Crunchy Tofu and Roasted beer and lime Cauliflower Tacos. I even once made tacos for dessert with my chocolate pancake tacos.

The most important aspect to make these tacos vegetarian is by picking the right vegetarian version of minced beef. Some minced meat replacements are dry and crumbly. That kind won’t work if you’re making these Bic Mag Tacos. You need to have the kind of vegetarian minced beef that looks like its meat equivalent. In the Netherlands, where I live, I got the minced meat from Albert Heijn.

Recipe Big Mac Tacos (vegetarian version)

Ingredients (serves 2):
250 grams vegetarian minced meat (not crumbs)
6 small tortilla wraps
100 grams sliced iceberg lettuce
1/2 white onion
5 gherkins (pickles)
100 grams mayonnaise
100 grams ketchup
2 tablespoons American mustard
1 tsp sugar or sweetener
6 slices of burger cheese

Slice three gherkins and grate the remaining two gherkins. Dice the onion.

For the Big Mac Sauce mis the mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, sugar and grated gherkins together.

Take 1/6th of the vegetarian minced meat and press it on to your tortilla. Make sure it’s evenly spread and covers the entire tortilla. Warm a pan on medium fire. Add the tortilla face down to the pan, so that the vegetarian minced meat can cook. After 2-3 minutes flip the tortilla over and put a slice of cheese on top of the veggie mince. Cover the pan with a lid so that the cheese melts.

When it’s done, top it with the lettuce, onion, gherkin slices and your own Big Mac sauce.

Repeat for the remaining tacos. Enjoy!

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