Top 5 accessoires for Instagrammable travel pics

As a travel blogger, I always try to make great pictures for my Instagram account when I’m traveling. But I notice that, also when it isn’t your profession, people want to take great pictures on vacation. Having the right outfit and accessoires will help you get great travel pictures. On this page I’m sharing my top 5 accessoires for Instagrammable travel pics. With these accessoires you’ll be able to make the perfect Instagram picture during your trip!

1 Bathing Suit

I normally really like to wear bikini’s on vacation, but as I’m also a part-time teacher I feel it would be inapropriate to share pictures of myself in bikini on my public Instagram account. So bathing suits come in very handy! Besides, bathing suits are very Instagrammable. Make sure you don’t go for a plain black one, but get one in a bright color. Or even better; one with multiple colors like this striped bathing suit from My Jewellery.

2 Fashionable Backpack

A backpack is a must when you’re traveling anyway. It’s by far the most convenient bag as you’ll have your arms and hands free. When you want to take pictures, it’s especially handy not to have your bag in the way. The time when backpacks where big and un-elegant are over, there are now several great backpacks that are very fasionable. My personal favorite is this vegan backpack from Gaston Luga.
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3 Elegant Dress

An elegant long dress ads so much flair to your travel pic! It really makes a big difference on your Instagram feed to have a swirling dress instead of pants. I personally love longer wrap dresses; they accentuate your waistline and have a fluttering bottom. You can find much inspiration for photogenic dresses on Instagram. I ordered this green wrap dress at Colourful Rebel, a Dutch fashion brand.

4 Jewelry

The devil is in the details! So don’t forget your arm candy. With some nice bracelets you can upgrade your food pics when traveling. Any picture where your wrist is shown, is much better with some nice bracelets. I love this one from My Jewellery as it looks like you’re wearing multiple bracelets but it’s actually only one piece. Very convenient when traveling, as you won’t lose it as easily as the small ones. My Jewellery also has many accessoires in sterling silver.

5 Phone Cover

I often take pictures with my camera instead of my phone and I love putting my phone in the picture as an accessoire. To be honest, I often don’t even have to place it there, as it’s already close to me most of the time. There are many great webshops with phone covers, but at CaseApp you can design your own! So you can put a picture of you and your bae on the back of your phone, or of your pet so you can look at it while you’re traveling. I even created my own Anne Travel Foodie phone cover.
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