Valentine’s Day 2019 in Amsterdam

Are you spending Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam this year? I’ve listed all my favorite ways to celebrate love in the Netherlands’ capital city on this page. Curious which restaurants in Amsterdam have a Valentine’s Day menu or special? Continue to read to find out all the ways you can enjoy February 14th 2019 with your loved one in Amsterdam.

Mama Makan
At Indonesian restaurant Mama Makan you can enjoy a 5 course aphrodisiach menu on Valentine’s Day. They serve dishes with the typical aphrodisiac flavors like spices. The dessert is filled with passionfruit and the Indonesian chocolate is for sharing. And you can literally ‘get a room’ if the temperatures are rising over dinner as the restaurant is located in the Hyatt Regency hotel.
Reserve your table at Mama Makan here.

&moshik is the 2 star restaurant near Amsterdam’s Central Station that was previously called &samhoud places. &moshik is the place to go for a spectacular 8 course menu. Chef Moshik Roth cooks with passion and you’ll see that in the unique creations. On Valentine’s day they serve an 8-course menu that will surely impress your Valentine. You’re welcomed with a glass of champagne and there will be an artist who’ll make portraits.
Reserve your table at &moshik here.

Dimitri’s Amsterdam
Restaurant Dimitri’s Amsterdam has a very unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Where all other restaurants focus on a Valentine’s dinner for 2, Dimitri’s offers a Ménage à Trois. A Valentine’s dinner for three people instead of two. On February 14 you can enjoy all kinds of dishes and bites with a Mediterranean or Arabic touch. You’ll be spoiled with all kinds of mezzes and a surprise dessert. And the 3rd person eats for free!
Reserve your table at Dimitri’s here.

Pressroom is the restaurant of INK Hotel Amsterdam and for Valentine’s day they have something very special. During the dinner at Pressroom every table will get an enveloppe and one of the enveloppes contains a key to the Romantic Suite! You can spend the nigh in the suite after your dinner and you’ll get a glass of champagne in your room and rose petals on the bed. If you don’t win you’ll still have a great dinner at Pressroom with a 5 course surprise menu and a special Valentine’s cocktail.

Mr Porter
The restaurant with a beautiful interior Mr Porter has come up with (in my opinion) the best Valentine’s Day cocktails. These two ‘his and hers’ cocktails are called Ross and Rachel. Named after perhaps the most popular love couple in the world from the TV show Friends.
Did you know that after their restaurant in Amsterdam, Mr Porter is opening up a restaurant in Barcelona?

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