Sign language cafe opens in Amsterdam

The first sign language cafe of the Netherlands just opened up in Amsterdam. At Sign Language Coffee Bar you can only order in sign language! Only deaf people work at this coffee bar but it’s a great place for both the hearing and the hearing impaired to meet each other.

A few years ago Bas and Sandra started CTaste, a restaurant where blind people worked and the guests had dinner in the dark. They knew that there are many unemployed deaf people and they can’t think of a reason why they shouldn’t be able to work. There’s nothing wrong with their sight or smell and they are just as capable of learning new things as any other.
All the baristas at the Sign Language Coffee Bar are deaf, but they want this place to be like any other coffee bar. Costumers should go there for a good cup of coffee or a nice brownie. Maybe this coffee bar will show that it’s just like any other coffee place and there’s no reason not to have one led by deaf people.
The baristas get the same wage as employees at other coffee bars. It’s not a social work space, it’s a regular job.
gebarentaal cafe amsterdam

In case you were wondering how you can order your cappuccino if you don’t know sign language: there’s a screen a the bar with a button for everything that you can order. If you press on the button of your choice you’ll see the correct sign. It also has buttons for ‘thank you’ by the way! You can already practice at home with this website.

The sign language coffee bar is open from 8:30am to 4pm on Tuesdays till Fridays and from 10-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. It’s located on the Amsteldijk 52, right next to the Amstel river.

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