We’ve got big news

We’ve got big news! I’ve been keeping it secret for my readers and followers. So I’m very happy that I can finally tell you our good news. Are you ready? Drum-roll please….
We’re having a baby!

Good News

That’s good news right? I’m very happy, it’s been something I was hoping for for years. I found out at the end of November and at the end of December we had our 8 week ultrasound. We could already see a little human on the video with a small head and a small back. And it had a heartbeat, so that was a big relief. It was a great Christmas present and wonderful news at the end of a pretty shitty year. We told our parents and brother/sister over Christmas.

In the beginning of January we had our 12 week ultrasound and we could see this beautiful little baby with big feet. From that moment on we told our closest friends.
And now it’s time to tell my sweet followers as well! I took the picture at the top of this page especially to tell you all that a Mini Travel Foodie is on the way. We got the kids trolley from kidzroom so that we can take our mini on many trips with us. I can’t wait to show our little one the world!
Everything is going well, I’m feeling great and we hope to meet our little one at the end of July.

First Outfit

I couldn’t wait to buy the first outfit for the baby. We didn’t know the gender yet, but I got something that’s nice for both a boy and a girl. It’s a little white pants, and can you guess what kind of pattern it has on it? Avocados of course! If you know me, you know that I love avocado’s. I even have my own avocado Instagram filter and I told about my love for avocados on national television in February. I got this cute little newborn avocado pants at Eef Kinderkleding. She’s got all kinds of lovely handmade baby products, like pants with giraffes and baby nests with feathers.

Sweet presents

We got so many sweet presents already. We got the very first present even before the 8 week ultrasound, when we didn’t even tell our parents yet. We were doing a ‘culication’ at the Lancaster Hotel Amsterdam with pop-up restaurant Neni. Because I wanted the chef to know, so that he could keep it in mind for the food, I told the hotel manager about my pregnancy. When we arrived at the hotel room this sweet teddy bear was waiting for us.

We also got many postcards from friends and family. As most communication goes through social media nowadays, getting real postcards is extra nice. As many of the shops were closed because of the lock-down, people found different solutions like Greetz.nl to send us postcards. So sweet!

My parents already gave us a nice newborn outfit from Noppies, gender neutral of course as we don’t know the gender yet. And my parents in-law gave us a cute baby beanie with ‘Made in Tilburg’ on it.

Click here to read about the first trimester of my pregnancy.

On my blog, Facebook page and Instagram page I’ll keep you posted about my pregnancy. Feel free to follow me there for more updates.

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