Best Vegetarian and Vegan Food Spots in Belfast

Northern Ireland capital city Belfast is mostly known for its pubs and live Irish folk music. But did you know that there are also nice vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in Belfast and that many pubs also have great vegetarian food? On this page I’ve listed my personal best vegetarian and vegan food spots in Belfast. All restaurants listed on this page have good vegetarian or vegan dishes. Whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner; this is your vegetarian and vegan food guide to Belfast.


Buba is my most favorite restaurant in Belfast. They serve Middle Eastern food and that’s my favorite cuisine. Buba has a regular and a vegan menu. On the menu can be find nibbles and bites that are easy to share, and munchies which are easier to eat on your own. We shared a vegan mezze board with baba ganoush, two kinds of hummus, falafel, pita bread and a salad. We also ordered a vegetarian shakshuka with falafel balls. I really like shakshuka and I’ve even created a sweet potato shakshuka recipe, but I never had it with falafel. It was actually a great combination, also because the falafel balls of Buba are very tasty.

Howard St

When I searched for the best restaurants in Belfast, Howard St was mentioned right after two seafood restaurants. You might expect high prices at one of Belfasts best restaurants but the dishes at Howard St are actually very reasonably priced. They’ve got a separate vegetarian and vegan menu. You might need to ask your waiter for it, I had to do this too even though I stated in our reservation that I eat vegetarian. On the vegetarian menu you find 5 starters and 3 mains and they always have at least one vegan starter and one vegan main dish. I went for the goat cheese fritters with goat cheese mousse, pickled beetroot and marinated tomatoes as a starter. And as a main dish I had a white bean and tomato cassoulet. For dessert we shared the apple crumble with caramel ice cream.

The Green Goose

The Green Goose is my favorite breakfast spot in Belfast. It’s quite small, but most people order their coffee to go here anyway. It’s a shame because their breakfast (or brunch or lunch) dishes are a good reason to stay. I love their granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit, but they also have a porridge bowl, poached eggs, a breakfast bagel, pancakes and scones. They also have many sandwiches with all kinds of toppings.

The Cloth Ear

For me the reason for walking into the Cloth Ear was their interior. They have dark green walls and ceilings, warm colored comfortable chairs and beautiful ornaments. But it turned out there’s more to the Cloth Ear than just that. They also have a great philosophy of wanting their guests to talk to each other more. So you put your phones in a jar on the table and on the beer mats are questions that you can use as a conversation starter. They also have great food; flip to the second page of the menu for their vegetarian and vegan menu. I went for the vegan fish and ships made of a tempura sea kelp and courgette. The vegan curry also looked delicious by the way.

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Also nice:

  • Panama Belfast is a great place for breakfast or lunch. They have a city garden for sunny days but it’s also a great spot when it’s cold outside with many plants and a combination of a raw and tropical interior. They have a delicious vegan jackfruit burger.
  • Boojum is a Mexican restaurant and self-acclaimed first Mexican Burrito Bar of Ireland. They have all kinds of burritos but also nacho’s, taco’s and desserts like churros.
  • Toney & Jens is the best place in Belfast to get pancakes. They drizzle them with sauce and you get a nice cream scoop on top. My favorite is with peanut butter sauce, cacao cashew sauce, oat and almond cookie and nice cream.
  • Avoca is a great spot for breakfast, brunch or lunch in Belfast. They’ve got all the brunch staples like scrambled eggs, pancakes and avocado toast with poached eggs.

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