Instagram Restaurants in Barcelona

There are some very Instagrammable restaurants in the Spanish city Barcelona. On this page I’m sharing the top Instagram restaurants in Barcelona. These restaurants all have a photogenic interior that will look great on your Instagram or Tiktok account. So have your phone ready when you enter these Barcelona restaurants!

Cremat Lounge

Velvet chairs and neon signs are always great on your Instagram account, and Cremat Lounge in Eixample understands that. Besides the Instagrammable interior, they also have very Instagrammable dishes. Check their pancake stack here.

Restaurant Gala

Restaurant Gala seems like it’s made for Instagram! They’ve got a carousel at the entry as you can see on the picture at the top of this page. And the rest of the restaurant is equally photogenic with black and white stripes on the wall and red neon letters on the ceiling.


Do you have an Instagram feed with mostly earth tones? Then you’ll love Empanar! This beautiful restaurant has an interior inspired by the earth’s natural hues; including browns, greens, grays, and other warm and muted shades. Empanar serves a delicious lunch with empanadas, as the name suggests. But also many other tasty brunch dishes like avocado toast. The restaurant is very vegetarian and vegan friendly, so it has something for everyone.

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Don Kilo Sisterparis

Don Kilo is an Italian restaurant with three locations in Barcelona. Their ‘Sisterparis’ location has this beautiful swing with wings at the entrance. They’ve also got several Instagrammable dishes like a miniature ferris wheel of which each gondola serves a different bite.

Piñata Cantina

I love the Mexican Cantina vibe at Piñata! The colorful flags and the paper star lamps just give the place a great atmosphere. They sell all your Mexican favorites like tacos, enchiladas and guacamole. And on Tuesdays they celebrate Taco Tuesday with tacos for just 1 euro each (€4 for 4 tacos). Great if you’re traveling to Barcelona on a budget.

Batuar Restaurant

Batuar is the restaurant of the Cotton House Hotel. With black and white, many plants and a touch of wood it’s a very pretty interior. Batuar also has a balcony and a lounge area that are worth visiting. And on your way out you can take a picture of their Instagrammable spiral staircase.


Eixampeling is a brunch cafe in the neighborhood, you’ve guessed it, Eixample. It has a very Instagrammable interior with many colorful flowers. All chairs and tables are in different pastel colors. And like most Instagrammable restaurants, it also has neon signs. But Eixampeling also serves Instagrammable dishes, that are very colorful. From waffles with fresh fruit to rainbow cake.

Belbo dos Besos

Belbo dos Besos isn’t only one of the best Instagram restaurants in Barcelona, it’s also a very romantic one. Perfect for a date night in Barcelona. The ‘two kisses’ team can be found all throughout the restaurant, so expect many red touches and lip images. This neon sign seems made for Instagram pictures, and the bathroom is also very Instagrammable with huge red lips as a mirror. On the menu you’ll find Italian dishes. Make sure to leave room for one of their amazing desserts.

The Garden Brunch Cafe

Flowers galore! The Garden Brunch Cafe serves a delicious all day brunch menu (from 9am to 5pm), but besides their tasty dishes the interior is also worth a visit. They check all the boxes when it comes to an Instagrammable restaurant: white marble look tables, many silk flowers and a pink neon sign.

La Cala Barceloneta

La Cala in Barceloneta is a cute little cafe. It’s not located directly at the beach but it does have beach vibes. Their covered terrace is a lovely spot to sit down with pink and red chairs, and also inside you can take some Instagrammable pictures of their pink wall.

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