3 Food Safety Tips When Traveling With Your Family

Having the opportunity to travel as a family is a moment like no other. Enjoying the sights, tasting new food, having fun with the locals – these are only highlights of your time together as a family. And there’s no doubt that these will last in your minds long enough for you to look back on it fondly in the years to come. The same can’t be said for your food, however.

No one wants to walk all over the place with an empty stomach. And having an empty gut can only result in a sour attitude which is bound to ruin your family trip even more. Nevertheless, don’t let hunger blind your judgment because there are still qualities you should consider first before diving into the first food stall you find. On this page I’m sharing 3 food safety tips for when you’re traveling with your family.

1 Important Food Safety Ideas During Your Family Travels

In planning for a trip, the kind of food you’re packing should be at the very top of your list. Sure, there might be convenience stores where you’re going, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Not only that, but your stomach might not agree with the local food—or maybe your taste buds might not be made for it. Either way, here are some tips to consider when talking about having food while traveling:

* Never Bring Raw Food With You

Uncooked food allows bacteria more surface area, especially raw meat or greens. If you’re going to pack food, cook it through and through. Make sure it’s piping hot when you pack it away, though. Not only does a warm meal good for you, but the high temperature can also kill any chances for bacteria to cling on. 

Although you can’t pack it the same way as a packaging manufacturer like https://www.tdipacksys.com and others like it, make sure the container you’re using is completely secure. After all, you don’t want your food to leak into the rest of your stuff—or worse, be contaminated by outside air and have the food you’re going to eat be a breeding ground for bacteria. 

If you have a few containers and a lot more food waiting to be packed, why not try wrapping them up, instead? Of course, you can only do this on dry food items like fruits or sandwiches, but it saves you the trouble of buying too much food storage only for most of them to be a one-time use. 

However, since you’re traveling, it’s recommended you don’t opt for plain plastic wrap or tin foil. Unless you’re okay with stashing your trash away in your bag, then it’s better if you settle with something reusable.  
This way, you can keep using it to wrap something else once you’ve finished washing it clean. And compared to how toxic plastic or tin foil is, having a wrap that’s both reusable and biodegradable is a plus because now you can bring it home with you to have it as compost for your yard!  

On another note, if you’re looking to have your taste buds explore, pry the cook with one question after another about their menu. This way, you can tic off which dish should be safe for you to eat and which one you should avoid.

* Place Condiments In Separate Containers

Having sauce mixed into your food increases the chance of spoilage; the same goes for salads. Sure, it tastes better the longer the dressing stays on your watermelon feta salad, but for hours-long traveling, this might not be the right move. 

So instead of mixing them, why not try food that’s already good as it is? Or if you’re more of a salad enjoyer and you want your kids eating their greens, how about you have the veggies or fruits in separate containers so you can mix them later on? A nice bowl of vegetarian Arabic-inspired salad would be great for the family with its high nutritional value that packs a taste. 

* Go With Non-Perishable Goods 

On top of packing cooked food, it’s much better if you have more dry, non-perishable food instead. Because dried food lessens the risk for the spread of bacteria and being preserved prolongs its life even more than a home-cooked meal’s.

2 What To Look For In Non-Perishable Food

If you’re in a completely foreign place with an entirely different culture, convenience stores should be your go-to once your food storage dries up. Although this setting is already familiar, you should remember two important things when getting food: the expiration date and undamaged packaging. 
The expiration date should be clear already. Though, some overlook this important detail for the sake of how much is inside the package or its security.  
Make sure to look for the product’s expiration date data. If you can’t see it, then have it scanned by the store staff. By knowing the date, you can plan ahead on how long it can last while you’re traveling with the family. 
Be just as thorough in checking the food containers because, as mentioned earlier, any amount of exposure—be it from a tiny crack or a huge dent—is asking for bacteria to come rushing in to feast on your food. Not only that but, since it’s still food, exposing it to the open air may trigger its path to spoilage, which makes it all the more crucial for you to examine it properly. 
The same goes for those bags manufacturers use on chips or biscuits. Feel around the package if there are holes; you can check better by squeezing it for a bit. 
If you didn’t feel the bag give in easily, the air inside is compact. Therefore, it doesn’t have any holes. But if the bag caves in, then there’s a good chance it has a hole somewhere you can’t see. In that case, continue on your search for a more secured packaging.

3 Travel With A Full Stomach

Having the opportunity to travel is something to be cherished, but traveling with your family? That’s worth being treasured until the end of time. Getting to experience all sorts of new things together is bound to strengthen your bond even further. However, doing this while you’re hungry can only ruin this memory. Knowing what to do to your food is one of the many things you should consider before leaving to keep a full tummy and a satisfied smile from start to finish.

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