Bloody Mary Recipe

Yesterday I had a Bloody Mary Brunch in Rotterdam. As you might know, the two main ingredients of a Bloody Mary are wodka and tomato juice. Wodka Brand Ketel One nominated Van Kempen Tomato Juice as the best tomato juice to make a Bloody Mary with. Ketel One is known all over the world and especially popular in the United States, but did you know that it comes from the Netherlands? It’s still owned by the same family and located in the same spot as they started over 300 years ago. Van Kempen juices is also a family owned business from the Netherlands, they make fruit juices for restaurants and specialty shops.

Yesterday I made my own bloody mary (for the first time!) with Ketel One and van Kempen. I’ve found out that it’s really easy to make and It’s actually not that unhealthy. A Bloody Mary contains about 120 calories, compared to 325 calories for a Sex on the Beach. Drinking alcohol is never healthy, but life is about balance and an occasional Bloody Mary is perfectly fine, especially when enjoyed with friends.

Here’s there recipe for one Bloody Mary:
Pour 50ml of wodka in a glass and add 100 ml tomato juice. Add about 10ml of lemon juice. Add a drop of Tabasco and a drop of Worcestershire Sauce. Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper to taste. Add ice cubes and garnish with celery, a lemon slice and optionally a cherry tomato.

As I said; it was a Bloody Mary Brunch. So we did not only get a recipe to make our own Bloody Mary, we also had brunch!
We had the brunch at Anne & Max in Rotterdam. The restaurants of Anne & Max feel like a living room and I especially like them ’cause I see my name everywhere (Anne on the womens toilet, Anne on the t-shirts from the waitresses). Anne & Max opened up their first restaurant in Haarlem, have several ones in Amsterdam and just recently opened up in this restaurant in Rotterdam. They served sandwiches with all kinds of toppings (cheese, avocado spread, red beet hummus etc) and this vegan salad with marinated and roasted vegetables, lentils, nuts and seeds.

For dessert we had these pieces of cake. The blueberry cake on the left is gluten free and vegan, in the middle you see a chocolate cake with a caramel layer and on the right you see a lemon meringue cake.

Anne & Max is a wonderful place to stop for lunch if you’re going to Rotterdam. Click here for all my Rotterdam favorites.

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