Restaurant De Waag in Boxtel

In my opinion Restaurant de Waag is the best restaurant of Boxtel. As I didn’t visit that many restaurants in Boxtel that might not be very valuable, but De Waag is also listed as the number one restaurant in Boxtel on Tripadvisor.
De Waag is very centrally located on the Markt in Boxtel and is located in two small monumental houses.

At De Waag they cook with the seasons, so be surprised what chef Jurgen Bosmans will prepare for you! You can order a-la-carte at restaurant De Waag but what I recommend is that you order the 5 course dinner of the chef. With this menu you’ll be assured to taste the best that Bosmans has to offer that season. This 5-course menu is also available in a vegetarian version. I went for the veggie version and my boyfriend had the regular 5-course menu.

My starter was the vegetarian steak tartare that you see pictured at the top of this page. It was made from coeur de boeuf tomatoes (ox-heart tomatoes) and served with grated truffle and Pecorino cheese. Next up was this soup from Borlotti beans with bundle mushrooms, croutons and olive oil.

Before the main course I got this dish. It’s organic carrot grilled from the Big Green Egg served with apple flower, deep fried egg yolk and gnocchi.
During the dinner they serve delicious wines at De Waag. Our favorite was a dry white wine from Kosovo. I never had wine from Kosovo before and I loved their brave choice of serving an uncommon wine!

The main dish from the vegetarian menu was this homemade ravioli filled with puffed courgette and served with green asparagus and fresh truffle.

The dessert was the same for both menus; it was this raspberry mousse with raspberry sorbet ice cream, basil and white chocolate ganache.

After our 5 course dinner we also got some friandises with our coffee and tea. Amongst these delicacies was a parfait made form the typical Boxtel biscuits called ‘Boxtels Keitje ‘ and homemade ‘bokkenpootjes’, a Dutch cookie made from almond meringues that are dipped in chocolate.

Reserve your table at Restaurant de Waag in Boxtel via this website.

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