New: De Restauratie in Eindhoven

Please note that The Restauratie is closed. You can now find Coffeelab on the location.

Ever since the fifties there’s been a meeting room / restaurant at the central train station of Eindhoven but the last few years, when the station underwent renovation, there wasn’t any. I’ve got good news for everyone traveling via Eindhoven train station: a new restaurant has been opened!

It’s called De Restauratie and they’re located at the same spot where the former restaurant used to be at the city center side of the train station. De Restauratie is a great place for a lunch, light snack, meal or pastry when you’re meeting up with someone or when you’re waiting for your train.
It has a beautiful interior that fits in perfectly with the old grandeur of the train station but also has a modern vibe.

On the menu you’ll find all sorts of lunch dishes like sandwiches and soups. They also have 4 different ‘croques’. This French version of a grilled cheese sandwich with bechamel sauce will make sure you’re not hungry anymore! Besides the classic Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame (with a fried egg), they also have a Croque Saumon with smoked salmon and a Croque Veggie with mozzarella and tomato salsa.

De Restauratie has several snacks on the menu that are perfect for in the afternoon. Hot nuts for example or these halloumi fries pictured. Halloumi is a cheese from Cyprus and the Halloumi fries at de Restauratie are served with a spicy harissa mayonaise.
They also have good quality Dutch bitterballen and plates with all kinds of nibbles like cheese and sourdough bread.

De Restauratie in Eindhoven also has several vegetarian dishes on the menu. You can go for the grilled vegetables with pesto, Parmesan cheese and rocket served with multigrain bread (pictured). They also have a kebab with grilled vegetables served with Roseval potatoes and tomato salsa.
The even have a vegetarian ‘worstenbrood’, the classic Brabant sausage roll.

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