Food News January 2020

Happy New Year everyone! A new year, a new decade even, also means more food news! On this page I’m sharing all the new food products of this month.

Avocado Leggings

I don’t know if this is food news, as it’s about leggings. On the other hand; it’s about avocado leggings and avocados are food! You might know that I absolutely love avocados. I’ve got a Pinterest board with avocado recipes and I even created an Avocado Filter for Instagram stories. I do yoga every Tuesday and Pilates every Friday, so I often wear leggings. When I discovered that there were avocado leggings, I was hooked straight away. I love them so much! You can order these avocado leggings and many more avocado clothes (like avocado hoodies and avocado t-shirts) online at Avocado Clothing Store. They ship worldwide.


Oat Groats (Havergrutten) are very healthy. They’re nutritious and high in protein. But most people find it quite difficult to get inspiration to use them in a dish. Which is a shame as you can make all kinds of dishes with them and they’re all easy to make. Luckily we now have OATS&MEAL, a meal package with oat groats as the basis ingredient. It has the right herbs already in the package and you’ll only need to add 3 fresh ingredients to make a healthy meal for 2 to 3 people.
OATS&MEAL is available at the Jumbo supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Qrop granola

I never skip breakfast and I even have my own hashtag on Instagram: #annelovesbreakfast. So I’m always extra excited when there’s breakfast food news. And this January there’s some great breakfast news: a new granola brand! It’s called Qrop and there are three different flavors: whit chocolate cherry, peanut butter and coffee hazelnut. All granola’s are organic. And other great news: the foil of the package is 100% compostable.
Qrop is for sale at the Plus supermarkets in the Netherlands.

The Mayo Sisters

The sisters Helen and Martine have been running a restaurant in Amsterdam for years, but in 2020 they’ve launched something new: mayonaise! And not just any mayonaise, the mayo from the Mayo Sisters is vegan and sugar free! Several brands have launched a vegan mayonaise recently, but they all contain sugar. Finding a plant-based and sugar-free mayonaise was very difficult up until now! The mayonaise is lactose and gluten free and free of colorings and flavorings as well. The Mayo Sisters is available at Chefs & Co in Amsterdam and food-truck Friethoes will offer the vegan mayonaise this food festival season.

The Green Roasting Tin

The Green Roasting Tin, in Dutch published as De Groene Bakplaat, is a cookbook filled with vegetable recipes for the oven. There are no less than 75 recipes in the book. All recipes in the book are vegetarian or vegan. It’s a well-arranged book with many photographs. The recipes are divided in 3 categories: under 30 minutes, under 45 minutes and 1 hour or longer. So you can choose your recipe according to the amount of time you have.
Click here to order The Green Roasting Tin.
Klik hier om De Groene Bakplaat te bestellen.

Celebrating India

I once organized a wonderful Indian cooking workshop at my place. Indian Cooking Classes is the Indian cooking workshops company ran by Indian born chef Meenu Gupta. And now Meena has published a cooking book with all her favorite Indian recipes. All recipes in the book are written down in English and Dutch.
Click here to order Celebrating India.


Tony’s Chocolonely has launched a chocolate bar especially for Valentine’s Day. This milk chocolate bar with raspberries and roses. So you don’t have to choose whether to give your Valentine chocolate or roses; with this bar you’re giving both!
The limited edition ValenTony Valentine’s Day chocolate bar is available from today in most Dutch supermarkets.

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