How to get a free avocado filter on Instagram and Facebook

You can now take a selfie with avocado’s all around you, or even a video where the avocado’s are floating around your face. I created this avocado filter that is free for you to use. On this page I’m explaining how to get this free avocado filter on Instagram and Facebook.

I created this avocado filter for Instagram and Facebook because I really love avocados. If you’re visiting my website on your laptop you’ll see an avocado emoji in the tap. I love avocado as a symbol for healthy food and because it’s green it’s also a great resemblance for my vegetarian and vegan recipes. 
I created a Pinterest board with avocado recipes and I have several avocado recipes on my blog.
And I don’t only like avocados to eat, I also love them for decoration. I have a phone cover with avocados and I also have a t-shirt with avocados.

When I got the opportunity to create a filter for Instagram and Facebook there was no doubt which one should be my first one: an avocado filter!

The Facebook filter went live a few weeks ago and since last week you can also use my avocado filter on Instagram. You can share your picture with the avocado’s straight away on social media, but you can also save it to your phone to use at a later time.

How to get the avocado filter on Instagram

1 Follow @anne_travel_foodie on Instagram
2 Open your Instagram camera, you’ll find it in the top left corner of your home screen.
3 Put the camera to selfie mode if it wasn’t there already. Or take a picture of someone else with the avocados around it
4 If you press the smiley at the top of your screen you’ll see several filters appear in the bottom line. One of them is my avocado filter. You’ll see the image below as one of the options.
5 As soon as you press it, the avocado’s will start floating on your screen. As soon as your camera detects a face, your face will be normal and the avocados will float on the background.
6 Take a picture and either share it directly on your story, send it to a friend or download it by clicking the down facing arrow.

How to get the Avocado Filter on Facebook

1 Like the Anne Travel Foodie Facebook page
2 Tap on the camera button on the top bar of your homepage (in the Facebook app, it doesn’t work on your laptop)
3 Press the smiley next to the camera button. You’ll know see all the available filters. The avocado image shown above will be one of them.
4 Take a picture and add it to your Facebook stories.

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