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I love discovering new food products in the supermarkets, shops or online. And I love sharing my finds with you. On this page you’ll find news about food products from October 2018. All products listed below are tried and tested by me. Have a look and see if there’s anything you haven’t heard of yet!

Vegetarian ‘rookworst’

It might be weird to see a sausage on the top of the page on a vegetarian food blog. If it fooled you, I guess Unox can be happy. This Dutch company that makes the traditional Dutch sausage ‘Rookworst’ (smoked sausage) has developed a vegetarian version. It looks just like the original ‘rookworst’ and tastes great. I thought it tasted a bit salty, but regular smoked sausage is salty as well. It contains about 30% less calories than regular ‘rookworst’. I think it’s a great replacement for the regular ‘rookworst’.


Have you already heard about Kazidomi? This online supermarket is the place to go for all your healthy and organic food with many sugar free, vegan and gluten free options. It’s not only convenient to have all your favorite healthy brands together, they also give you a big discount from 20 up to 50 percent.
Kazidomi delivers in almost every European country, also in the Netherlands (it’s often even for free!)
If you use the promo code ANNE20 when you buy your Kazidomi membership you’ll get a 20% discount.

Lakrids Horror Treats

Especially for Halloween my favorite licorice brand (because they cover their licorice with chocolate) has launched these Horror Treats. It’s salty licorice covered with white chocolate and purple splashes. This Halloween candy is from Danish company Lakrids. I had a behind-the-scenes tour at the Lakrids factory in Copenhagen earlier this year, so I know how much effort goes into these treats! You can order your Horror Treats from Lakrids here. 

Vegetarian snacks

On October 4th, World Animal Day and nowadays often called ‘Don’t eat animals day‘, Beckers launched a whole range of vegetarian snacks for consumers. My favorite is this box with a variety of vegetarian snacks that you can bake in the oven. From vegetarian chicken nuggets, to veggie ‘frikandellen’ en ‘bitterballs’. Next time you’re throwing a party, you can still pass around a bowl of tasty snacks, but this time it’s animal friendly!


After water, coffee and tea EARTH concepts has launched a 4th product: chocolate. They’ve got 4 different flavors, each developed by well-known people. Award winning bartender Tess Posthumus has created a chocolate bar with orange, and even though I’m normally not a big fan of combining orange and chocolate, I loved this one. Perhaps it’s because of the speculaas cookies that are also in it. Actor Ferri Somogyi created a chocolate bar with mint and the ladies from Frietboutique created one with their salt and pepper. My favorite is the one made by barista Niels te Vaanhold who created a chocolate bar with coffee.

Heks’n Kwark Spread

You might already know Heks’n kaas, it’s one of my favorite dips for when I’m organizing a party. They already had several flavors but now they’ve introduced something new: kwark spread. This spread is more healthy and light. It reminds me a bit of cottage cheese but then with fresh herbs. So now you can enjoy Heks’n kaas on more occasions than just parties, this Kwark Spread is great on toast for breakfast or lunch.

Obela Hummus

People in Germany might already know the Obela hummus but as of October this creamy hummus is also available in the Netherlands. It contains more chickpeas and less calories than my previous hummus brand. The Obela comes in original flavors, 4 of them are already available at the Albert Heijn and two will follow later. Pictured is their hummus with pine nuts but the one with Kalamati olives is also delicious!

Sugar free Ketchup

Did you know that almost every brand of tomato ketchup contains added sugar? Luckily you can now buy the Illie Billie Tomaten Ketchup from Verstegen at the Albert Heijn supermarkets. The Illie Billie tomato ketchup doesn’t contain any added sugars or sweeteners. In November they’ll also launch an Illie Billi sweet chili sauce that also doesn’t contain any added sweeteners.

Vegan Ice Cream

Alpro has launched 4 vegan ice cream flavors that contain 30% less sugar than regular ice cream. The 4 flavors are coconut, vanilla, hazelnut chocolate and almond salted caramel. The hazelnut chocolate is my favorite; it’s like tasting vegan Nutella ice cream!

Yes! bars

I’m always looking for healthy snacks that are easy to take with you to work, so I was very happy when I heard about the new Yes! Snacks. There are 5 flavors and all of them are gluten free and don’t contain any added sugars. Several of them are vegan too. My favorite flavor is the Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt and Almond nut bar. Three ingredients that go so well together!

KitKat Chunky

There’s a new limited edition KITKAT CHUNKY available! This KITKAT CHUNKY Salted Caramel Fudge is a delicious treat. Besides the usual crispy waffle and milk chocolate this limited edition has a filling of salted caramel fudge. Like all KITKAT bars, the cacao of this KITKAT CHUNKY is also 100% sustainable. 
Click here to read about the weird KITKAT flavors that are available in Japan.


Food Emoji’s

Apple has released 70 new emoji’s for the iPhone, and there are also several new food emoticons! Pictured you see salt, a cupcake, romaine lettuce and a bagel. Apple already received some complaints about the bagel as people found the inside to stiff. New Yorkers almost always toast their bagels and then the structure is definitely different!
There’s also an emoji of a Chinese moon cake, a lobster and a mango.

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