Top food spots in Leeuwarden

On this page I’ve listed the top food spots in Leeuwarden, the capital city of the province Friesland in the Netherlands. All restaurants on this page have a delicious breakfast, lunch and/or dinner and they all have good vegetarian options.


Restaurant Proefverlof is located in a former prison! The name is a reference to the previous use of the building. Proefverlof means trial leave, but the word ‘proef’ in Dutch also means ‘taste’. Proefverlof is open for lunch and dinner. They have a great terrace next to the water for sunny days. On the lunch menu are all your classic lunch staples like grilled cheese sandwiches and omelets. I went for the Eggs Bennedict. It had perfect poached eggs and a tasty Hollandaise sauce.
For dinner they have a separate vegetarian menu that you can ask for!

Grand Cafe Post Plaza

In the Post Plaza Hotel you can find a beautiful Grand Cafe that is also open to non-hotel guests. The restaurant is located in the former post office and the interior is simply stunning. You can still see old elements of the post office, but they also added a modern touch. The bar has a central location in the middle of the restaurant and there a big round lights hanging from the old wooden ceiling. There’s a coffee roaster in the building so you can order a coffee that is very locally roasted. On the menu of Grand Cafe Post Plaza you can find dishes in the style of a French brasserie. When I was there it was asparagus season and I had a lovely dish with white asparagus, avocado, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce.

House of Taste

House of Taste is more of a shop than it is a restaurant, but I’ve listed it on this page with food spots as it sells all kinds of delicacies. Some that are nice to buy as a present or for at home, but they also have great treats for a picknick. Just pick your favorite bread buns, tapas dishes and wine and you’re all good to go! We had a delicious bottle of wine, several vegetarian sandwiches, olives, juice and apples for a nice picknick in the park in Leeuwarden.


We entered Pecorino’s because we were attracted by their yellow wall. On this wall you can find all kinds of tableware painted yellow and glued to the wall. We loved it! But besides the nice interior design of Pecorino’s, they also have a nice menu that is a great reason to visit it. They have a ‘borrel menu’, you can find tapas style small bites on there. Our favorite was the focaccia with orange aioli. And they have a small dinner menu as well.


Moon is probably the most Instagrammable restaurant of Leeuwarden. The interior is mostly white with touches of pink and the marble tables are every Instagrammer her dream. The dishes are also perfect for your Instagram account, especially the pink beetroot latte, freakshakes and pancakes are very photogenic.

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Restaurant Roast in Leeuwarden is open for lunch, dinner and drinks. They got their name because they serve pure dishes with a raw edge. This mostly means meat and fish dishes, so they will please all carnivores. But also for vegetarians like myself they’ve got some great dishes. For lunch they’ve got the delicious Beyond Burger that tastes just like real meat and for dinner they always have a vegetarian main dish (at the moment it’s oxheart cabbage with cream of hazelnuts, shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce).


Stek just has a wonderful location! It’s located in an old bridge watchmen house on the edge of the city center. They’re open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks both to stay as to-go. You can order your juice, sandwich or salad and take it with you for a picknick or enjoy it on their cosy waterfront terrace.


Novelle in Leeuwarden is also a nice food spot for Instagram lovers. They’ve got a wall covered with flowers right next to the entrance and a big pink teddy bear with which you can have your picture taken. Novelle is open for lunch, dinner and cocktails. They’ve got several vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu. I love their Vegan Burger and the Jackfruit dish with rice.

Brownies & Downies

You can find Brownies & Downies in many cities in the Netherlands. Brownies and Downies Leeuwarden is located on the Western side of the city center. People with Down’s Syndrome are working in the kitchen and as waiters and they’re guided and coached by experienced employees. The service at Brownies&Downies is truely unique. The boys and girls are doing so well and you can see how they’re enjoying it fully. If they have time, they’re more than willing to have a chat about their job or to share a funny anecdote. The support of the coordinators is also great; they’re positive and patient. 
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Broodje Bewust

Broodje Bewust has three locations in the Netherlands, besides Leeuwarden you can also find them in Groningen and Rotterdam. At all locations they offer organic sandwiches to stay or to go. Although sandwiches are their main concepts, they also sell salads and burgers. They don’t only have many vegetarian options, they also have great vegan options. Their vegan mozzarella is delicious!

Brasserie Maria Louise

Brasserie Maria Louise is located in one of the oldest buildings in Leeuwarden. I was drawn to their marble floors, pink walls and high ceilings. But the real top-reason for visiting are their delicious cakes. Have a look at the counter and I’m sure you can’t resist ordering a slice!


Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the cafe in the Westerkerk in Leeuwarden is open. You can grab a tasty lunch and a good cup of coffee here. It’s also a very nice spot to get some work done. They’re known for their homemade apple cake, so try a piece when you’re there!

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