Gnocchi with pesto and roasted tomatoes

I love gnocchi. It’s such a tasty pasta. The fluffy little cushions are so satisfying. On this page I’m sharing a recipe for gnocchi with pesto and roasted tomatoes. This vegetarian dinner recipe is easy to make and super tasty.
I’ve already shared several gnocchi recipes on my website. Like pan-fried asparagus with gnocchi and gnocchi with cashew cream. I like easy recipes, so I made most of my dinner recipes with store-bought gnocchi. But if you feel like it, you can also make your own gnocchi from scratch.
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This gnocchi with pesto and roasted tomatoes recipe is great for a weekday dinner. It’s easy to make but you still get your vegetable intake. I made this recipe with red pesto. I think pesto (either green or red) is such a good combination with gnocchi. You don’t want a sauce with your gnocchi as they will lose their bite and get a bit soggy. Pesto is a great way to add flavor and to make sure your dish isn’t too dry. Scroll down for the recipe for gnocchi with pesto and roasted tomatoes.

Recipe gnocchi with pesto and roasted tomatoes

Ingredients (serves 4):
500 grams gnocchi
2 tablespoons red pesto
250 grams cherry tomatoes
250 grams spinach
100 grams green peas, frozen
75 grams grated mozzarella

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Put the cherry tomatoes in an oven-proof dish and sprinkle with olive oil. Oven roast the tomatoes for 25 minutes.
Bring water to a boil. Blanch the peas in 2 minutes. Remove the peas, set aside.
Boil the gnocchi in the water of the peas for 3 minutes.
Warm some olive oil in a frying pan. Shortly pan-fry the spinach. Add the green peas, pesto and gnocchi.
Sprinkle with the grated mozzarella before serving.

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