Grilled Halloumi burger with piri-piri mayonnaise

I always love a good vegetarian burger. When I’m going out for dinner, I often order one. But I also enjoy making vegetarian burgers at home. This time I made a grilled halloumi burger with piri-piri mayonnaise. On this page I’m sharing the recipe of this veggie burger so that you can make it yourself at home.

Halloumi cheese is a great meat-replacement. This cheese has a bit of bite, it’s thicker than regular cheese and it tastes good grilled. If you grill the halloumi, you’ll get the nice grillmarks like you see on my halloumi burger. But if you don’t have a grill you can also bake the halloumi with some olive oil in a pan.

I made these halloumi burgers with piri-piri mayonnaise. You might know piri-piri sauce from Portugal. In African countries it’s spelled as peri-peri, but piri-piri is the official Portuguese spelling. Piri-piri sauce is a spicy sauce that’s often combined with chicken. I combined piri-piri sauce with halloumi before when I made a vegetarian bbq dish. Piri-piri is rather spicy and not everyone likes spicy sauces. For this burger I combined piri-piri sauce with mayonnaise to get a less spicy and more creamy sauce. I got the idea from a recipe in the Mob Veggie cookbook.
I’ve also added rocket and grilled bell pepper to these grilled halloumi burger with piri-piri sauce. You can find the recipe below.

Recipe grilled halloumi burger with piri-piri sauce

Ingredients (for 2 burgers):
2 whole wheat buns
1/2 package halloumi cheese (125 grams)
2 teaspoons piri-piri sauce
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 bell pepper
40 grams rocket

Pre-heat the grill and a baking pan without oil. Cut the bread buns in half. Cut the halloumi in slices. Cut the bell pepper in quarts, remove the seeds and cut each quart in 3 pieces.
Put the bread buns with the cuttingside down in the baking pan on medium fire.
Put the halloumi strips and the bell pepper strips on the grill.
Mix the mayonnaise and the piri-piri sauce in a small bowl.
Divide the piri-piri mayonnaise over the two buns. Top with the grilled halloumi, grilled pepper and lettuce.

Great with loaded sweet potato fries.

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