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Athens, the capital city of Greece, has many Instagrammable places. On this page I’ve listed the top Instagram spots in Athens. They’re not necessarily the top sights in Athens, but more the very photogenic places. These spots will look great on your Instagram feed!


The most photographed building in Athens is the Parthenon, on top of the Acropolis hill. So it’s not very original, but it couldn’t miss in this list!
If you follow the walking route at the top of the acropolis you’ll walk past the Parthenon automatically. If you take a right you’ll see a nice look-out spot and from there you can also take this picture with the Parthenon on the background.

Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum is great to visit to see some ancient artifacts, but it’s also a great Instagram spot. Especially the spot where I took this picture, right at the entrance. Because of the reflective floor you can work great with lines and symmetry.

Monastiraki Square

The Monastiraki square is a lively square in the middle of Athens. It’s great to find a rooftop-bar adjacent to it so that you can take an Instagram picture of this great spot. You’ve got the square in the foreground, with the church of Pantanassa and the Acropolis all the way in the back.
I took this picture from the rooftop bar MS Roof Garden.

Little Kook

Little Kook is a dessert and pastry cafe in the city center of Athens and the street leading towards the entrance is very Instagrammable! It’s always decorated according to the season. I was there in October so I had this great Halloween themed street. But other decorations that they’ve had in the past include Japanese umbrellas with cherry blossom and they also go crazy with Christmas decorations.

Passage of the Merchants

I loved this hidden gem in Athens. I had to look around a little bit to find it but I loved this secret passage! It’s called Passage of the Merchants. It’s a location on Google Maps, but the actual passage isn’t on the spot where Google maps says it is. So you’ll have to look around a bit to find it. But it’s very close by, so I’m sure you’ll find it! For the best Instagram picture I recommend going around sunset, so you can see the signs light up best.

Flower covered street

One of the top Instagram spots in Athens is this street, with the flowers covering it. I saw it on Instagram many times when I was preparing for my trip to Athens. But I didn’t know where the exact location was. Luckily I’ve found this flower covered street, and now I can share it with you! The cafe you see on the left is the Melina Mercouri Cafe. So if you navigate to that, you’ll find it automatically!

Plaka Stairs

I love these old stairs in one of my favorite neigborhoods of Athens; Plaka. The stairs are lined with chairs and tables from the restaurants located on the street. It’s not only nice to walk up the stairs, but it’s also nice to grab a chair from one of the cafes and do some people watching.

Anafiotika cafe

If you walk all the way up the stairs and enter the cafe on your right. You can walk up some more stairs in the restaurant until you get to their rooftop. From there you’ve got this amazing view over Athens. It’s a great Instagram spot that not everyone knows of! The restaurant is called Anafiotika cafe.


Ellyz is a perfect Instagram cafe. With pink chairs and fake flowers hanging from the ceiling. In the back of the bar is also a wall covered in pink flowers. The food is also very Instagrammable. From red velvet layered cake to donuts and muffins. They have special items during holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

National Garden

Then National Garden in Athens is a lovely park. It even has palmtrees! It’s great place to find some shade on warm, sunny days. And this little pavilion is a great Instagram spot. This little guy was just running through when I took the picture, but I thought it added a little extra touch. I like this picture even better than the empty path.

Panathenaic stadium

The Panathenaic olympic stadium is great for people who share architecture and symmetrical pictures on their Instagram feed. This old stadium is completely renovated for the first modern Olympic games in Athens and is open to the public.


One of the most special Instagram spots in Athens is Brettos. Brettos is a very old distillery in the city center of Athens. Besides its history and it’s tasty liquors, I think Brettos is also a fantastic Instagram spot. Look at all the colors of the bottles behind the bar!


I always love curved buildings. Somehow they always make great Instagram spots. Like this yellow curved building that I found in Athens. It houses restaurant Zampano. Zampano serves great modern Greek food, so it’s not only pretty to look at but also nice to visit!

Cats of Athens

There are many street cats in Athens, and it’s a great Instagram picture if you take one with a cat in it. I thought it looked like it was posing for me. You can find the cats in all kinds of sizes and colors. And as there are quite a few, I’m sure you can get a nice picture with one of them on it!

Glow Cafe

Looking for a very Instagrammable restaurant in Athens? Check out Glow Cafe! The Interior makes a great Instagram spot with a wall covered with fake flowers, and the dishes are also very Instagrammable. Check out this pink smoothie bowl for example!

Pirias Metro Station

Athens has a very Instagrammable metro station, the Pirias subway station on the South side of town. It’s the last stop of the M1 line that departs from the heart of Athens. I love the symmetry of this building!


Several of the best Instagram spots in Athens are bars and restaurants. BOO Bar is a cafe and cocktail bar in Athens. When you’re having a drink here, you won’t be bored as there’s so much to see! The whole bar is decorated with many decorations. There are even many things hanging from the ceiling. The cocktails are very Instagrammable too, as most of them aren’t served in a standard cocktail glass.

Instagram streets of Athens

This last one is not a particular Instagram spot of Athens, but it’s more a general tip. The streets of Athens can be very Instagrammable. I love this one for example, with its many plants and colored facades. There are pretty streets like this all over Athens. Make sure to sometimes take a turn into a less crowded street and be amazed!

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