The Best Vegetarian and Vegan friendly food spots in Strasbourg

On this page I’ve listed the best vegetarian and vegan friendly food spots in Strasbourg. This city in the North-East of France has several great options for vegetarian and vegan food. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these restaurants will satisfy all veggie lovers.

Velicious is by far my favorite vegan friendly restaurant in Strasbourg. It’s not only vegan-friendly; it’s completely plant-based! There are no animal products used whatsoever in this vegan restaurant. Pictured you see their vegan hotdog with guacamole and the bread with vegan spreads on top of this page is also from Velicious Restaurant. They have a restaurant at the
They’re quite popular so I recommend that you reserve your table at Velicious Restaurant in advance.
Velicious also has a burger bar in the city center.

Pur etc
Pur etc. has 4 locations in Strasbourg (and 2 in Paris) and serves healthy food. It’s not completely vegetarian but all vegetarian and vegan options are clearly marked on the menu. When I was there they had two vegetarian lasagnas; one bolognese and one with polenta, spinach and mushrooms. They had a great vegan tabbouleh with quinoa, hummus, lentils and marinated carrots. They also had a vegan buddha bowl and a vegan savory cake. They also had several vegan sweets and many gluten free items as well.

La Pause Quinoa
La Pause Quinoa is a 100% gluten free restaurant. They have many vegan options on their menu and they’re open for lunch and dinner.
Keep in mind that La Pause Quinoa is closed on Sundays and Holidays.

Brick N’Brick 
Menu €9,90. Vegan ‘brick’, salad or dessert and a bottle of water. The vegan brick is made with quinoa, carrot, pepper, mushroom and sundried tomatoes. I had a carrot and selery side salad. They also have healthy buddha bowls. 

Bistrot & chocolat
Bistrot et chocolate is a 100% vegetarian bistrot meets tea room. They’re open for breakfast, brunch and lunch. And all day long their sweet treats are available. They serve a different dish everyday, but it’s always vegetarian. They’ll announce the dishes on their website and will clearly state if they’re vegan and/or gluten free as well.

Au fond du jardin
Next door to Bistrot & Chocolat you can find Au Fond du Jardin. This bakery sells delicious madeleines that are great to buy as a souvenir but it’s even better to sit down at the tea room and enjoy all the delicious sweets that owners Frederic and Laurent have prepared.

Le comptoir de maitre kanter
There are a few spots at the central train station of Strasbourg where you can get vegetarian sandwiches. I liked Le Comptoir de Maitre Kanter best. I had this multigrain baguette with cheese and grilled vegetables there.

Vert ici
Vert Ici is a salad bar in the city center of Strasbourg. You can create your own salad bowl with the 30 ingredients that are available. You can choose lettuce as the base but also quinoa or pasta. They also have several combinations on a menu of which the ‘veggie’ is vegetarian (and as far as I know vegan as well); it’s made with barley, buckwheat, marinated tofu, artichokes and tofu.

What the Cake
What the Cake is the perfect spot in Strasbourg to satisfy your sweet tooth. They sell cakes by the slice and cupcakes. They also serve several vegan cupcakes and (‘cheese’)cake slices. The flavors vary often, so you’ll need to have a look in the shop to see what’s on offer today. They also have a few gluten-free cupcakes.

Cafe Potager 
At Cafe Potager they serve healthy dishes in a glass bowl and a large variety of pastries. Everything is available to stay or to go. They serve meat but also have several vegetarian and vegan options. I had a green salad with lentils, avocado and tofu there.

Houmous & co 
Houmous & Co specializes in Libanese dishes, who are often vegetarian and vegan friendly already. They’ve got all the classics like houmous, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, falafel and moussaka.

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