KAUAI healthy take-away at Utrecht Centraal

Edit: please note that Kauai has moved to Lange Viestraat 2L.

It’s always a struggle to eat healthy when you’re short on time. Especially on the train stations it can be difficult to have a healthy meal. Luckily we now have KAUAI. KAUAI is a healthy take-away at Utrecht Centraal. Many people travel via the Utrecht central train station around dinner time and unfortunately there were many unhealthy options available but not that many healthy ones. Good news for everyone traveling via Utrecht: you can now have a healthy on-the-go meal at KAUAI.

Although Kauai is an island from Hawaii, KAUAI is a formula from South Africa. At KAUAI they focus at real food, without GMO’s, additives or colorings. There are 150 KAUAI restaurants in South Africa and they also expanded to neighboring country Namibia. The KAUAI store at Utrecht Centraal is the first one in Europe. Where KAUAI in Africa has restaurants with many seats beside their take-out option, the store at Utrecht central station has a main focus on take-out. There are a few seats in the store, but most people take their healthy meal home with them or on the train.

KAUAI has an all-day breakfast menu with very affordable dishes. They have a tropical chia pot with nut-crumble, pineapple, yogurt and coconut for only 3,50. And a smashed avocado toast for only 3,10. For only four euros you can get a filling breakfast with a poached egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, pesto, feta and parmesan cheese. A meal at Utrecht Centraal hardly ever comes so cheap! And the breakfast items are available all day, so you can also order them for lunch, dinner or afternoon snack.

For lunch and dinner KAUAI serves wraps, soups, salad bowls and warm bowls. My favorite wrap is the ‘Harvest’, it’s filled with feta, avocado, cucumber, carrot, lettuce and a lemon-olive oil vinaigrette. They have three warm bowls with chicken and from the 5 salad bowls 3 are vegetarian. One of the salad bowls, the Plant Power, is even vegan. It contains avocado, lentils, cashews, red cabbage, rocket and a vegan almond dressing. You can see it pictured below.

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