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Every month I’m sharing new food products with you on my blog. This time it’s time for the Food News of November 2019. As we’re getting close to the Holidays there’s some nice Christmas food news and for those also living in the Netherlands some new ‘Sinterklaas’ food products.

MyMuesli Advent Calendar

This winter MyMuesli has created 4 different advent calendars. Behind the doors of these calendars you’ll find all kinds of goodies from MyMuesli.
You can now order your MyMuesli Advent Calendar with up to €15 discount if you order via this link:
Below you see the different calendars available and the discount that you get:
Deluxe Calendar, €15 discount
Mymuesli 2go Calendar, €12 discount
Mymuesli Porridge 2go Calendar, €11 discount
Mymuesli Bars Calendar, €12 discount

The discount is valid until November 30 2019.

JouwBox December

It has just been released and 95% is already sold out! So if you still want to order the December Jouwbox you’ll have to be quick! I understand why it’s popular, it’s filled with so many nice products. The olive oil from Crete from Latzimas is top quality, the peeled black garlic from Floky is the newest addition to my kitchen cabinet and the Melvita organic honey is great in a cup of tea. There are also several nice beauty and wellness products in the box like the Seacret make-up remover wipes, the Piroche Cosmetiques body oil and the Maybeauty body scrub.
Click here to order the Jouwbox December.

Glutenfree Sinterklaas

In the Netherlands and Belgium we don’t only celebrate Christmas, we also celebrate Sinterklaas. The most popular sweet during Sinterklaas are ‘pepernoten’. For everyone eating gluten free (glutenvrij) there are now gluten free pepernoten from De Glutenvrije Bakker. You can get the gluten free pepernoten at Holland & Barret. They also have pepernoten that are gluten and lactose free.

Energy & Vegan

I love Alexander Gershbergs first cookbook Vegan For Friends and now he has a second book: Energy. & Vegan. Energy & Vegan is filled with vegan recipes that give you a lot of energy. Alexander based his recipes on the old Chinese medicine wisdom. He writes in an accessible way and inspired his readers to take good care of their bodies by eating good food. Energy & Vegan is available in Dutch.
Click here to order Energy & Vegan.

Click here for all my favorite vegan cookbooks.

Nairns Biscuits

Nairn’s have been making and selling biscuits in Schotland for more than 100 years but they’re new to the Netherlands. These cookies are all gluten free and they contain much less sugar than regular cookies. The biscuits from Nairn’s are made from Scottish oats. Oats are gluten free and high in fibers, so it’s better than white flour. The biscuits come in 4 flavors and they’re great with a cup of tea. They’re available at the Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Farm Brothers vegan cookies

Farm Brothers have introduced two new cookies that are both vegan! These organic cookies come in two flavors: Maple Pecan with oats and spelt and Brownie Almond with oats, spelt and rye. The cookies are also palm-oil free and with every box that is sold you save a piece of land. In the last 100 years we lost 50% of our fertile grounds have been lost due to the use of pesticides and chemicals. With every box of Farm Brothers Vegan Cookies you ‘buy’ a piece of land in Flevoland to turn it into organic farmland. A good investment because organic farmland will stay healthy.
You can find the cookies at Jumbo and Plus supermarkets and from 2020 onwards you’ll also find them at Marqt and Albert Heijn.

Hello Fresh Borrelbox

You probably know Hello Fresh from the meal boxes, but they now have something new: the Borrelbox. ‘Borrel’ is a typical Dutch word for when you have nibbles with your drinks. HelloFresh now has a box that provides everything you need for a ‘borrel’. All kinds of nibbles and finger food is included; red grapes, bread, tapenades, cheeses, sausage, smoked almonds. You can order the ‘borrelbox’ as an add-on with your HelloFresh order and the content is different every month.

Eat Natural bars

Okay, I have to admit that the Eat Natural bars aren’t super new. But I’m a big fan of them. And even though you see them quite often on my Instagram stories, I didn’t write about them on my page yet. The Eat Natural bars come in 9 flavors and they have 3 more flavors available in lower calories bar. Three of the flavors have a protein packed label as they are, well, packed with protein. I often take the bars with me when I have a long day. They’re a perfect snack for the afternoon when you can use some extra energy.

I’ve got a really cool giveaway on my Facebook page where you can win a big box of Eat Natural bars.

Kruidvat Breakfast Products

Kruidvat has released a new breakfast range with super many items. You can now get all you need for a healthy breakfast at Kruidvat. From sugar-free granola to chia seeds and from a smoothie mix to coconut oil. They also have a Smoothie Booster that you can add to your smoothie. They also sell big jars of Celtic Sea Salt, which I love to sprinkle over my avocado and hummus toast.

The Other Bar

The Dutch Fair-Chain Organisation and the United Nations have released a new chocolate: The Other Bar. The Other Bar wants to fight poverty and inequality. There’s a QR code in each bar and if you scan it you can choose between a discount on your next order or a cacao plant for a farmer so that he can earn more. How great would it be if we don’t need development aid anymore and we can support this sustainable way of consumption just by eating chocolate.
You can order The Other Bar online here.

New Chocolate Letters Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely has three new chocolate letters this winter. Last year they had the entire alphabet in milk chocolate and the letter S in dark chocolate and ‘pepernoot’ chocolate. They still have all those bars this year, and they have 3 extra chocolate letters. They’re all made in the S shape (of Sinterklaas) and they are the following three flavors:
Milk Caramel Sea Salt, White and White Pepernoot.
You can find the Tony’s Chocolonely letter bars in most supermarkets, the ‘Wereldwinkels’ and their online webshop.

Quorn Fish Replacements

It’s getting more and more easy to replace meat and fish every day! This time last year Quorn had released 4 vegetarian and vegan sandwich meat replacements. This year they’re launching 3 fish replacements. You can now get the Quorn Fish-Free Sticks, Fish-Free Fillets Fish & Chips Style en Fish-Free Fillets Lemon & Pepper at the Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands. All three products aren’t only vegetarian but also vegan. Besides they’re free of saturated fats and soy.

New Budget Vegetarian Cookbook

The budget-friendly vegetarian cookbook ‘Portionen under tian’ from Hanna Olvenmark is now also available in the Netherlands. It’s translated in Dutch and is titled ‘Vegetarisch voor een prikkie’. In the book you’ll find 50 vegetarian recipes for under 1 euro per person per portion. The recipes are clearly marked as vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian or vegan. The recipes are conveniently categorized. ‘Vegetarisch voor een Prikkie’ is brought out by a new culinary publisher in the Netherlands. ‘Citrus’ is the culinary imprint from Lecturis publisher. Click here to order Vegetarisch voor een Prikkie.

3 new juices from CoolBest

CoolBest has released three new juices, all made with red fruits. The three flavors are Powerful Pomegranate Raspberry, Bubbling Blueberry Raspberry and Cleansing Cranberry. They’re made from fresh fruit and there are no added sugars. The vitamin boost from these red fruit juices will get you through the cold months.

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