Pink Pancakes for Valentine’s Day

I’m sure your Valentine couldn’t resist you if you make this stack of ombre pink pancakes! On this page I’m sharing the recipe of these pink pancakes for Valentine’s Day. I made these ombre pink vegan pancakes with natural coloring.
Last year I made ombre pink cupcakes for Valentine’s day, and because I loved them so much I decided to make something ombre again this year. I made this pancake stack that goed from dark pink to light.
Continue to read for the recipe of these vegan pink pancakes for Valentine’s Day and find out how I colored them!

I colored the pancakes with dried raspberry powder from Evans & Watson. I discovered the webshop from Evans & Watson at first for their tea. I don’t know any other webshop that has that many varieties of fresh tea leaves. They’ve got more than 10 kinds of green tea and more than 200 (!) kinds of herbal tea.
I just found out that besides these teas Evans & Watson also sells all kinds of dried fruit powders. They’ve got 28 different fruit and vegetable powders. From acai to beets and from kale to orange. All these powders have no artificial ingredients. It’s just the fruit or vegetable that is dried and grounded to a powder.
Click here to see all their dried fruit and vegetable powders.
For these Valentine’s Day pancakes I used their raspberry powder. Continue to read for the recipe.

Recipe Vegan Valentine’s Day Pink Pancakes
Ingredients (for 1 big stack, feeds up to 4):
2 bananas
250 grams (2 cups) flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
250 ml plant based milk
2 bags raspberry powder (20 grams in total)
coconut oil

Mash the bananas and mix the first four ingredients in a bowl. Warm some coconut oil in a pan. Use a sauces poon to scoop a part of the batter into the frying pan. Flip the pancake when bubbles start to form and bake for 1 more minute on the other side. Make 2 more pancakes.
Add a teaspoon of raspberry powder to the pancake batter, mix well. Make 3 more pancakes. Add another teaspoon of raspberry powder and repeat this process until you’ve finished all the batter.

You can keep the finished pancakes warm in an oven at 100°C. Serve them on a plate with the pancakes from dark to light.
The pancakes taste great with some yogurt and fresh raspberries or with pomegranate seeds.

Click below for my Pinterest board with more Valentine’s Day inspiration.

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