The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants on Ibiza

These are the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants on Ibiza. All food spots on this page have great vegetarian and vegan options or are completely vegetarian or vegan. Is there a great vegan friendly restaurant missing? Let me know in the comments!

Popa, Ibiza Town

Restaurant Popa in Ibiza town is located on the main square of the old town (Dalt Vila). They’ve got a small but good menu with very reasonable prices. They’ve got several vegetarian options. I went for the edamame falafel with salad. I never had falafel made of edamame beans before, but it tasted super good! They also had a tabbouleh quinoa salad and a veggie piadina.

Cucha, Ibiza Town

Cucha in Ibiza Town is a small cafe ran by a German couple. They’ve got nice outdoor seats on the Placa del Sol square. On the menu are all kinds of snacks. Some have a German twist like their Currywurst. They’ve got a delicious vegan curry sausage! And they’ve also got other vegetarian and vegan dishes like nachos, bread with garlic dip and tomato and avocado sandwiches.

S’escalinata, Ibiza Town

The location is the main draw to S’escalinata. You can sit yourself down on bean bags on one of the stairs in Old Town. But the food is also great at at S’escalinata. They’ve got tapas, tostas and sandwiches for lunch. There are several nice vegetarian options.

Vivi’s Creamery, Ibiza Town

Vivi’s Creamery is a gourmet ice cream shop in Ibiza Town. It’s owned by the wife of racing driver Nico Rosberg, she designed the interior herself. The ice cream creations are made by ice cream master Vincent Crovisier. All ice cream is home-made and they’ve got some delicous flavors like Dulce de Leche and Tiramisu.
Please not that they’re only open in summer.

El Olivo Mio, Ibiza Town

I have to admit that the main draw to El Olivo Mio in Ibiza Town is the lovely setting. They’re located right on the central square of the old town of Ibiza. I loved the white exterior with the colourful chairs on the terrace. But that being said, they’ve also got some lovely vegetarian dishes on the menu like Brushetta de Tomata and an asparagus risotto. Please note that the green leaf on the menu indicates meat-free dishes, but not necessarily vegetarian dishes as they can contain fish.

Kasbah, Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni is very foccussed on English tourists. Many of the restaurants are run by English or cater to English tourists. Kasbah is no exception, but what I really like about them is that they have a nice Mediterranean style menu and great views over the water (great for sunset watching!). There are several nice vegetarian dishes on the dinner menu like a falafel burger or this mezze platter with halloumi cheese, hummus, falafel, couscous and pita bread.

The Skinny Kitchen, Sant Antoni

Looking for a healthy food spot on Ibiza? Check out the Skinny Kitchen in Sant Antoni! They’ve got several vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. They are clearly marked on the menu. The toast with smashed avocado is one of my favorites, but the vegan sweetcorn fritters and the vegan breakfast are also great options!

Kvida, Sant Antoni

I really loved the vibe at Kvida in Sant Antoni. This Italian restaurant with two floors is really popular, so it’s smart to reserve your table. They’ve got great vegetarian pizzas, like this one with tomato sauce, mozzarella, courgette and aubergine. They’ve also got vegetarian pasta dishes.

Milu, Sant Antoni

Milu is a small, easy to miss, food stand at the boulevard in Sant Antoni. It’s close to the Kasbah restaurant. From this small shop you can get fresh juices and ice cream. The juices are freshly squeezed on the spot after you order, so they’re a great way to get some vitamins after a night of partying.

La Cita Tapas, Sant Antoni

It was difficult to take good pictures at La Cita, but that was because the nice atmosphere with not too bright lights. La Cita is a tapas restaurant ran by a French couple. So besides the classic Spanish tapas, you’ll also find some French specialties. As a vegetarian, I had enough choice here. From stuffed peppers to patatas bravas.

Lamesa, South-West Ibiza

Lamesa is the restaurant of Hotel Petunia, located in the South-West of Ibiza. It’s a great stop if you’re doing a road trip in Ibiza and discovering several beaches. Lameza is a beautiful restaurant with wooden chairs and white umbrellas, overlooking the pool from Hotel Petunia and the dragon rock in background. I went for a delicious vegetarian pasta with pesto and cherry tomatoes.

Aubergine, Sant Miquel

Aubergine in St Miquel in the North of Ibiza has many vegetarian and vegan options. They work with the ‘farm to table’ concept and get as much of their ingredients from their own farm or other farms nearby. The Aubergine restaurant has a lovely setting with outdoor seats on a shady terrace. Pictured you see their beetroot-quinoa burger that you can order vegan or vegetarian (with goat cheese). Vegetarian and vegan options are clearly marked on the menu.

Wild Beets, Santa Gertrudis

You can find Wildbeets in Santa Gertrudis de fruitera, right in the center of the island. Everything on the menu of Wildbeets is vegan, organic and gluten free. There are also several raw dishes on the menu. They’ve got a special breakfast menu with the avocado toast and berry pancakes pictured here. For dinner they’ve got vegan dishes like salads, buddha bowls, curry or burgers.

Passion, several locations

Passion Cafe has 5 locations in Ibiza. At all locations you can get healthy juices, smoothies and bowls. They’ve got many vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, that are clearly marked on the menu. They always focus on healthy ingredients at Passion. From salads, to tacos and risotto; there’s plenty to choose from, also for vegetarians and vegans.

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