Restaurant Bij Vermeer at the Piushaven in Tilburg

UPDATE: As of May 1st 2019, restaurant Bij Vermeer is closed. But you can now find Restaurant MOOD on the location.

I love trying out restaurants in my hometown Tilburg that I haven’t been to yet. This time I went to Restaurant Bij Vermeer. Bij Vermeer opened up a few years ago and is located at the Piushaven. The harbor is an upcoming area in Tilburg (just like the Spoorzone) and quite a few nice restaurants have found their way to this area by the water. As did Restaurant Bij Vermeer. In the summer you can enjoy their terrace overlooking the water and in the winter you can make yourself comfortable in their spacious restaurant.

After the opening a few years back, Bij Vermeer kept upgrading the interior. They recently added many plants and flowers, adding a lot to the ambience in the restaurant. Bij Vermeer is run by the couple Nannie and Christ and together with their kitchen and bar staff they’ll make sure you’ll have a relaxed evening with good food. They’re open for lunch and dinner and they’re also a good place to go for drinks (also if you’re with a group).

The menu of Bij Vermeer is filled with comfort food for you to enjoy. You can order a la carte but what I recommend is that you order the tasting menu called ‘Proeven Bij Vermeer’. You can order it for at least two people and the chef surprises you with all kinds of smaller dishes. For the starter you get a big plate with about 3 small dishes per person. We had fresh figs with blue cheese, a Caprese salad and their take on sushi.

I eat vegetarian and my friend eats gluten-free so we’re not the easiest company but they created great tasting dishes for us at Bij Vermeer. We had baked French cheese, stuffed portobello and risotto with seasonal vegetables.

You can also have a shared dessert at Bij Vermeer but as we were already quite full from the starter and the main dish, we shared a healthy dessert from the menu. It was this watermelon pizza with mascarpone and fresh fruit.

Having dinner at Bij Vermeer means you’ll have a relaxed evening with good food. It’s low-key, tasty and a great atmosphere to meet up with friends or family.
Reserve your table at Bij Vermeer here and click here for all my Tilburg favorites. 

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