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Looking for an exclusive luxury dinner experience? Book a table at Restaurant Chateau Neercanne near Maastricht. Chateau Neercanne is a beautiful old castle, that houses as a high-class restaurant.
They just had a complete renovation, became a member of Relais & Châteaux and are now open again to impress you with its location as well as its menu. Expect a complete night out with delicious dishes with surprising ingredients.

As the name suggests Chateau Neercanne is a castle. It’s located just South of Maastricht in the South of the Netherlands, close to Belgium. This unique 17th century castle became a restaurant in 1953. The castle has a terrace where you can enjoy your lunch on warm days, there’s a herb garden and many options for meetings and congresses. The Neercanne castle is UNESCO protected.
Besides its beautiful exterior and interior, the castle is also famous because all the European leaders had lunch here when they signed the Maastricht Treaty to form the European Union. The famous dish that all the guests were served back then, the langoustine, is still on the menu be it in an updated version.

As you can imagine, the location is already really impressive and makes your evening special in one instance. But there’s more than a pretty face when it comes to Restaurant Chateau Neercanne. The food is divine. The restaurant had a Michelin Star for 33 years for a reason.
You can enjoy dinner at Restaurant Chateau Neercanne and on the same grounds you can enjoy lunch at l’Auberge, housed in the former chapel.

You can for the Menu Prestige where you choose either a 5, 6 or 7 course menu, with optionally a wine pairing menu. You can also order a la carte if you want to go for the earlier mentioned langoustines for example. We went for the Menu Prestige, as we always like to be surprised by the chef. The Menu Prestige can also be served vegetarian; I had the vegetarian menu and my dishes where at least the same high quality as my partners dishes, which isn’t always the case.

The menu changes every month, so you it’ll always have ingredients from that season. My boyfriend had soft-cooked salmon with king-crab and lemon-butter when I had this beautiful salad with red beets, sweet-sour tomatoes, dukkah and two gelantines from string beans and avocados.

As you can see the dishes are real works of art, but what I also really appreciate is that they aren’t afraid to add unconventional flavors to their dishes. I had Egyptian dukkah in the red beet and tomato salad (you can find a recipe of dukkah on this page).
The dish pictured above is polenta with green asparagus, goat cheese, carrot and baba ganoush. Baba ganoush is a Middle Eastern dish made with baked mashed aubergine. Restaurant Chateau Neercanne deserves credits for this original choice.

This dish had three of my favorite ingredients combined on one plate: gnocchi, truffle and cheese. The cheese you see is mimolette, a French cheese that is made after the tradition of the Dutch Edam cheese. Besides the fresh truffle that you see on the picture, the foam sauce is also made with truffle.
If you’re quick you can still enjoy this dish at Chateau Neercanne, it’s both on the A la Carte menu as in the Prestige Menu.

You’re enjoying all your dishes at Chateau Neercanne on the ground floor in a newly renovated dining room. It’s decorated in the style of the castle and gives a warm living-room feeling.
On the first floor of the castle are several beautiful rooms that can be used for meetings or conferences.

If you go for the 6 or 7 course menu you’ll get a cheese platter as a course before the sweet dessert. It’s made with Dutch and Belgian cheeses.
We got a special treatment as we didn’t enjoy our cheese platter at our table but in the ‘wine cellar’ of Chateau Neercanne. The wine cellar isn’t a cellar in the building but a marl cave on the grounds of the chateau. You can also hire this marl cave for a party or business event.

Don’t worry if you prefer sweet desserts over cheese; at Chateau Neercanne you get both! Our dessert was a puff cake with coffee and caramel.

Chef de Cuisine of Restaurant Chateau Neercanne is 35 year old Gilbert von Berg. He has worked at Neercanne since 2007 and as of 2017 he’s the Chef the Cuisine. He took over this role of Hans Snijders who worked at Neercanne since 1980 and got Neercanne their Michelin star. Snijders is still involved and guides von Berg and the other chefs.

A dinner at Restaurant Chateau Neercanne in Maastricht is a unique and wonderful experience on its own, but you can also combine it with an overnight stay at one of the most luxurious hotels of Maastricht: the Kruisheren Hotel.
You can book the Dine & Design package to get dinner at Chateau Neercanne, an overnight stay and breakfast at Kruisheren Hotel and free transit to and from the restaurant. Book you Design & Dine package here.

Reserve your table at Restaurant Chateau Neercanne or read more about all my favorite restaurants in Maastricht here.

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