Restaurant Meddens in Hilversum

Ever since I saw this beautiful pink corner of Restaurant Meddens in Hilversum on Instagram, I decided that I wanted to go there as soon as possible. I love it when restaurants have a beautiful interior, it really adds something to the experience! Now when I looked for more information on Restaurant Meddens I discovered that its main focus was on fish dishes. As you might know I’m a vegetarian so I wouldn’t normally go to a restaurant that focusses on fish.
I’ve heard that Restaurant Meddens also has good vegetarian dishes. That, together with the Instagram pictures of the interior convinced me to travel to Hilversum to give Meddens a try!

As soon as you enter Restaurant Meddens you’ll notice the beautiful interior. There’s a big bar in the middle with wood and plants, set on colorful tiles. If you look to the right you’ll see the pink corner with birdcages as lamps. If you go up the stairs you’ll see the kitchen and if you go up another set of stairs you’ll see the biggest space of the restaurant. The toilets and a wonderful green meeting room or group table is up one more flight of stairs.
The interior of Restaurant Meddens is designed by De Horecafabriek who also did the interior of completely pink Mama Kelly in Amsterdam and Taphuys in Tilburg.

As I said, I’m a vegetarian. So I tried out some of the vegetarian dishes on the menu of Restaurant Meddens. I met up with my flexitarian friend that works in Hilversum and we both went for a veggie menu. As a starter we had these avocado fries with a poached egg, regular hummus and avocado hummus (click here to see my recipe for avocado fries). This dish is normally bigger and served as a main dish. They have 3 vegetarian starters on the menu at Meddens; a hummus wrap, red beet carpaccio and burrata. Bus we were curious about this dish they made a small starter version for us.

As a second course we had ret beet risotto with parmesan cheese crips and balsamic. This is also normally a main dish. We could tell because it was quite filling. You will normally definitely have a satisfying meal if you have this beet risotto as your main dish. We both absolutely loved this red beet risotto! It was very creamy and the parmesan crisps were very addictive. A real recommendation!

Another vegetarian main dish on the menu at Meddens in Hilversum is this filo pastry dish with goat cheese, tomato tapenade and olives. Strong flavors that will make sure that you don’t get a tasteless dish as a vegetarian.
I was really surprised by the good vegetarian options at Restaurant Meddens. Especially since they’re specialized in fish.

The dessert is pretty much always vegetarian so you have a lot of choice as a vegetarian. We went for the cheesecake with ‘Bastogne’ cookie crumble, raspberry ice cream and orange ‘hangop’ (a typical Dutch dairy dessert)

The cheesecake was divine! They also have true classics on the dessert menu like Dame Blanche and Creme Brûlée.

So whether you’re a fish lover or a vegetarian: Restaurant Meddens in Hilversum has delicious dishes for both preferences! You can reserve your table at Restaurant Meddens here.

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