Great autumn break activity: Oerfestival in the Maashorst

Looking for a nice activity to do with the kids this autumn break? Check out ‘Oerfestival de Maashorst’, this little festival in Brabant has all kinds of activities until Friday October 19. So you’ve got three more days to check it out!
The festival takes place at a different place each day, but it’s all in the region called ‘de Maashorst‘. De Maashorst is a nature area that you can find in the North East of the province Brabant. It’s close to the cities Oss and Uden.

I went to the Oerfestival today. Today it took place in a small town called Zeeland (the town, not the province). On a field near campsite De Heische Tip were several activities that you could do. Most of them were for free and all of them were very suitable for kids.
We started with pancakes! I had an apple pancake that was made with local appels from the Maashorst area. If you can’t go to Zeeland during the Oerfestival, you can still enjoy the pancakes any other day of the year by visiting De Pannenkoekenbakker in the town Zeeland.

You could also play Archery Attack. With bows with special ‘soft’ arrows you could try to hit the bullseye or each other! We saw 6 year olds do it but it was also fun for grown-ups like ourselves. It’s great activity for the whole family.

On the terrain you could also learn about herbs and how to make tea from them. And you could learn how to make felt from wool.
The festival was quite small so I advice you to look at activities to do in the region as well. You could visit Oss for example, or go to Veghel where you can visit creative area CHV De Noordkade. Here you can find all kinds of shops and food places.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the Oerfestival takes place in Keent where you can learn to build you own dyke or go on a treasure hunt.
On Thursday you can visit De Nistel for a beer tasting and a garden that stimulates all your senses.
On the last day of the the Oerfestival you can go to ‘Hartje Groen’ for tree climbing and horse coaching. The end the festival with a party in that same area.
You can check the whole Oerfestival Maashorst program here.

From the Maashorst you can also visit the city Den Bosch, click here to read about my food favorites in Den Bosch. 

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