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Guided by Food is the ultimate book for people that share the same two passions as me: travel and food. The subtitle of Guided by Food is: breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and everything in between around the world. It focusses on 11 food-loving cities around the world and tells you where to eat.
It used to be that when you were going to visit a city you would look up all the sights and activities, but nowadays we’re looking up places to eat before our trips. I’ve got trips planned to London, Israel and Belfast in the next months and I’m already looking up nice restaurants on Instagram.
With Guided by Food there’s no other source you need if you’re going to one of these 11 food-metropoles:
Cape Town
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Tel Aviv

In Guided by Food each city has its own chapter and each chapter is divided in several categories like ‘to coffee’, ‘to lunch’, ‘to snack’ and ‘to dinner’.
Each hot spot has the address, website and Instagram account stated and a brief description of why you should go there. Every city also has a list at the end of the chapter with recommendations of locals.

It was great to see that author Barbara Jacobs from Les Petites Pestes has some of the same recommendations as I have listed here on my website. Like the Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon, Unframed Ice Cream in Cape Town and Aamanns for Smörrebröd in Copenhagen.

There are some destinations in the book that I haven’t been to yet, like Cartagena and Ibiza, but because of Guided by Food I feel like I should book a plane ticket as soon as I can! And
I’m already excited for going back to Tel Aviv in April so I can take Guided by Food with me and visit as many of the food spots listed as I can!

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