Super Easy Banoffee Tarts recipe

Banoffee Tarts, the name comes from Banana and Toffee, are easy to make and so tasty. On this page I’m sharing a super easy Banoffee Tarts recipe for which you only need 5 ingredients. And you don’t need an oven to make these Banoffee Tarts, so you can make these no-bake tarts everywhere.

Banana and Toffee

I’ve seen Banoffee tarts on Instagram many times, but I never felt like making them because I’m not a big caramel fan. But when I was babysitting my niece I felt like making easy tarts with her. When you’re baking with kids, I love no-bake recipes so that they don’t have to wait long to be able to taste the result. As all kids love sweet things, I thought she’d probably like Banoffee tarts. We made the tarts together, as she could help with every step.
For the Caramel layer I used Caramel Dulce de Leche from Bonne Maman. It’s the only thing you need for the toffee layer, so you don’t need to make your own caramel.
We ate them as soon as they were done, and I have to say that even I as a ‘non caramel person’ liked them!

Super Easy recipe Banoffee Tarts

Ingredients (serves 6):
220 grams digestive biscuits of your choice
150 grams margarine or butter, melted
1 jar (225 grams) caramel
2 bananas
250 ml whipped cream (or heavy cream/double cream)
Optionaly: milk or dark chocolate

Crumble the biscuits in a food processor. Mix with the melted margarine or butter. Tip the mixture into a big tart tin or six small tart tins. Cover the bottom and the sides. Use the back of a spoon to smooth the surface. Put in the fridge to chill for at least one hour (or overnight).
Spoon the caramel over the bottom of the biscuit base.
Slice the bananas. Divide the banana slices over the caramel. Put in the fridge until serving.
Right before serving, whip the cream with a bit of (icing) sugar until thick. Spoon the whipped cream on top of the bananas.
Optionally you can grate a bit of chocolate as topping on top of the whipped cream.

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