Super Easy Cheesecake Tarts

On this page I’m sharing the recipe for super easy cheesecake tarts. They’re done in a few minutes so it’s a great treat for if you’re short on time or if you don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen. These easy cheesecake tarts are no-bake, so you don’t need an oven for them. They also don’t need to set in the fridge, so they’re done in a jiffy!

I love making easy recipes. All recipes on my website only have a few ingredients and won’t take long to make. But some of my recipes are even more easy than the others. My super easy naan bread pizza recipe for example. These tarts are another addition to my lists of easy recipes!

I made these super easy tarts when I already made some cheesecake stuffing for my Cheesecake Crescent Muffins. I had some left-over red fruit compote and I had some pastry shells in my pantry. I often have pastry shells in my pantry, because they have a long shelf live. So you can always make a nice dessert or tart when you have guests coming over. Mine were from Jos Poell, they’re available in Dutch supermarkets. The red fruit compote is another ingredient that is great to have in stock. Unlike fresh fruit, you can keep fruit compote in a jar for months.

Recipe Super Easy Cheesecake Tarts

Ingredients (serves 6):
1 package pastry shells
100 grams cream cheese
1 tablespoons sweetener
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
100 grams fruit compote
Fresh mint leafs

Mix the cream cheese with the sweetener and the vanilla extract. Divide the cream cheese mixture over the six pastry shells. Put a tablespoon of fruit compote on each tart. I put it on half of the tart, so that you still see the cream cheese, but you can also put it in the middle of course.
Decorate with the fresh mint leafs.

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