The best vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos, Tenerife

On this page I’m sharing the best vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos, on Tenerife. These two adjacent towns are very lively, but also quite touristy. It can be a challenge to find a good restaurant in between some of the tourist traps. And also it can be difficult to find good vegetarian and vegan restaurants in between all the meat and seafood focused restaurants. That’s why I’m helping you out on this page. Here I’ve listed my favorite vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos on Tenerife.

Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen is one of my favorite restaurants in the South of Tenerife. They’ve got all kinds of delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes. And all my favorite dishes are on their menu: avocado toast, caprese sandwich and acai bowl. And this Peanut Butter Bowl with bananas, avocado, peanut butter, almond milk, fresh fruits and home made granola is my recommendation. You can find them at commercial center Arcade in Playa de las Americas and they’ve got lovely colorful umbrellas over their terrace.


How fluffy are these pancakes? I got them at Palmera Coffee and Brunch on Tenerife. Palmera is the perfect brunch spot in Los Cristianos. Besides pancakes they’ve also got crepes, toast, waffles, burgers, smoothies and salads. They’ve got a nice sidewalk terrace where you can enjoy your brunch outside in the shade.

Sakkara Pastelería

In the same street as Palmeras you can find Sakkara Pastelería. This bakery has the best and prettiest pastries. They’re real works of art. They have seasonal specialties and some classics that they always have. You can sit inside and outside, and you can also get your pastries to take-away.

The Burger Cafe

Burger Cafe has so many vegetarian and vegan options! Their tagline is ‘healthy street food’. They’ve got vegetarian and vegan nacho’s, loaded fries, poke bowls and, of course, burgers. They’ve got several vegetarian and vegan burgers. Pictured you see their vegan burger with a spinach patty and guacamole.

Las Taquerios

Los Taquerios is one of the nicest restaurants in its street. Walk all the way to the back to sit on the covered balcony with ocean views. I had this vegetarian burrito with a lot of cheese!

Loft Coffee and Food

Loft Coffee and Food is located in a shopping area, but it has a nice terrace and a good brunch menu with several vegetarian and vegan options like this yoghurt with muesli and fresh fruit. They’ve also got good smoothies.

El Pincho

El Pincho is one of the restaurants right at the beach at Playa de las Vistas. The restaurants are located a bit above street-level, but you’ve got great views over the ocean. Most of these restaurants focus on meat and fish but El Pincho has got a great vegan dish: fajitas. These nicely spiced vegetables are served on a hot plate with tortillas on the side.


Playa de Las Americas en Los Cristianos are filled with Italian restaurants. Most of them offer the same and the focus more on quantity than on quality. If you do feel like eating Italian, I think Linares is a nice option. Mostly becasue of its location; it has a nice terrace in the middle of the shopping street, so it’s great for people watching. But also because of their food. Their vegetarian lasagna is really tasty.

Tropic Queen Bar

Our apartment was located at Playa de las Vistas and there are several restaurants right at the beach. We thought they might be quite touristic, and even though most of them are, we enjoyed eating tapas at Tropic Queen Bar. You’ve got views over the beach and their cheese croquetas are delicious.

La Barca

Another restaurant in a line of touristic places is La Barca. So it’s a bit unoriginal (pizza again), but it’s a nice spot for lunch as you look out over the beach and the sea but you’re sitting in the shade.

Chiringuito Puntavista

Not necessarily a great restaurant or food spot, but Chiringuito Puntavista is a great bar for a drink. It’s one of the few spots that’s actually located on the beach and not on the other side of the boardwalk. Order your drinks at the bar, and if you’re on time you can order some snacks with it too. Chiringuito Puntavista is also a great spot to watch the sunset.

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