The Crookie: a Croissant with Cookie Dough

It’s the latest food trend on TikTok and Instagram: the Crookie. This croissant with cookie dough is hugely popular online and bakeries all over the world are starting to sell them. On this page I’m telling you all you need to know about the Crookie. From what the Crookie means, where it originated and how you can make it yourself.

Croissant and Cookie equals Crookie

The name Crookie is a combination of Croissant and Cookie. The croissants are stuffed with cookie dough and then baked. It’s often stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough, but you can find them with other cookie dough types as well. You use a croissant that’s already baked, making it perfect to still make a tasty treat from your day-old croissant. You cut open the croissant and spread cookie dough in it. Then you put some extra cookie dough on top as well before you bake it. After baking it’s often dusted with some powdered sugar.

Where did the Crookie originated?

The Crookie originated in France, at a bakery in Paris called Boulangerie Louvard. Stéphane Louvard combined two top-selling products and invented the Crookie. It’s been sold at Boulangerie Louvard in Paris since December 2023, but in March 2024 became popular all over the world. Bakery Lourens in Amsterdam was one of the first to sell it in the Netherlands.

Croissant mash-ups

The Crookie is not the first hybrid of a croissant and another food. In the Netherlands the Crompouce was a huge hit just a few weeks ago and one of the food trends of 2021 was the Croffle (croissant waffle).
But I’ve already shared several other croissant mash-ups on my blog, like the combination of croissants and muffins: Cruffins. And Cheesecake Crescent Muffins, which are also mad with croissant dough and muffin tins.

Recipe Cookie dough Croissant: Crookie

1 day-old croissant
3 scoops of cookie dough
Optionally: powdered sugar

Pre-heat the oven to 350F/180C.
Cut the croissant open lengthwise, put two scoops of cookie dough inside. Flatten with the back of a spoon. Put the top back on and divide a bit more of the cookie dough on top.
Bake the Crookie for 8-10 minutes.

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