Breakfast Croissant Boats

Did you ever hear of Croissant Boats? Croissant Boats are stuffed croissants. But they aren’t cut open in the middle like you’d normally do. They’re cut open about 1/3 off the top. This way you get a croissant with an open top. If you hollow this part out a bit, you can stuff it with whatever you want and you’ll get Croissant Boats. On this page I’m sharing a recipe for breakfast croissant boats.

You can fill your croissant boats with any filling of your choice. If you love sweet you might want to fill it with strawberry jelly or Nutella. Another great variation is to pour molten chocolate in the hollow croissant.
For these breakfast croissant boats, I went for a savory version. I filled my croissant boats with egg. This makes these croissants also a great dish for Easter! I love to serve these egg croissant boats as one of the dishes on my Easter brunch table. Just serve them with some orange juice and a few chocolate Easter eggs for dessert. Scroll down to see how I made these egg croissant boats.

Recipe Breakfast Croissant Boats

Ingredients (serves 2):
2 croissants
3 eggs
2 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons grated cheddar
1/2 avocado
2 spring onions, chopped
2 teaspoons Italian herbs

Preheat the oven to 180C. Cut the top of the 2 croissants and remove a bit from the inside.
Whisk the eggs in a bowl with the milk. Pour the egg-mixture in the croissants. Sprinkle with the cheddar cheese, the spring onion and Italian herbs.
Put the croissants in an ovenproof dish and top with aluminumfoil. Bake the croissants for 15 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for another 10 minutes.
In the meantime, mash the avocado.

Serve your breakfast croissant boats with the smashed avocado.

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