Tony’s Chocolonely opens Chocolate Bar in Amsterdam

Great news for chocolate lovers: Tony’s Chocolonely is opening a chocolate bar in Amsterdam. The chocolate brand that focusses on slavery-free chocolate opens up their chocolate bar on July 1st. You can find the Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bar in the city center of Amsterdam. The Tony’s Chocolonely bar is a paradise for chocolate lovers!

Tony’s Chocolate Bar

You can order all kinds of chocolate dishes at Tony’s Chocolonely’s bar, like chocolate burgers and ‘s mores. There’s chocolate coming from the tap and you can decorate your own cake.
No worries if you’re coming with a friend that doesn’t like chocolate; there are also savory dishes on the menu like wraps and vegetarian burgers.
Speaking of vegetarian; everything on their menu is meat-free!
My favorite part was the bar where you can decorate your own slice of cake. You can choose from all kinds of toppings (like the ones that you can normally find in the chocolate bars) and they even have 3 taps with chocolate pouring out!


You’ll see the colorful Tony’s style that you also see on the wrappers, in the interior. Their red (for milk chocolate) and blue (for dark chocolate) are also present colors in the interior of the chocolate bar.
There are bars of chocolate dangling from the ceiling. And all the writing is in the typical Tony’s Chocolonely font.
When you enter you’ll find tables and seats to your right and various bars to your left. Here you can order your food, and decorate your cake.

Slave-free chocolate

Tony’s Chocolonely strives to make chocolate 100% slave-free. As this is an important part of their brand, there’ll be an awareness on this in the chocolate bar as well. They want to make people aware of the injustice and unfairness in the cacao market. You can be educated about it in the chocolate bar and you’ll see references to it throughout the bar. For example at the uneven tables or the bar that’s a bit too high.

The Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bar will open up at the first floor of the Beurs van Berlage in the city of Amsterdam on July 1st.
The Tony’s Chocolonely Super Store will also stay open on the lower level.

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