The best Gluten-Free restaurants in Barcelona

Do you have Celiac disease or another reason you want to avoid eating gluten? Good news: there are some great restaurants in Barcelona where you can eat gluten-free. Many restaurants offer gluten-free dishes, but as you might want to avoid cross-contamination, I’ve only added restaurants to this list that are 100% gluten-free. Read on for the best gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona.

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My F*cking restaurant, Raval

Probably the best gluten-free restaurant in Barcelona is My F*cking restaurant. This 100% gluten-free restaurant in the Raval neighborhood serves culinary dishes that take your gluten-free diner to another level. You can go for the chefs menu called ‘Fuck your diet’ or you can choose from the shared dining dishes on the menu. Their version of the Patatas Bravas is a real recommendation!

Dosa Nova, Raval

Another great restaurant in Raval if you eat gluten-free is Dosa Nova. The owners started with a restaurant in Sitges, but opened up a second restaurant in Barcelona in 2022. Dosa Nova serves Dosa dishes for brunch and dinner. Dosa is a dish from South India that is made from a fermented batter of ground black lentils and rice. All the dishes at Dosa Nova are also vegetarian, and many of them are vegan.

Gula Sana

Gula Sana is a 100% gluten free restaurant in Barcelona that is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and early dinner. They’ve got gluten-free and dairy free desserts, biscuits, cookies, muffins, sandwiches, gluten-free tapas and much more. For savory bites they’ve got burgers, salads, baguettes and sandwiches.


Gut is a restaurant in Gracia that mostly serve gluten-free dishes. I thought it was quite funny how their menu is the other way around: the dishes that do contain gluten are marked. So all the unmarked dishes are gluten-free. Gut serves Mediterranean dishes and International cuisine and also has vegan options.


Pötstot is a 100% gluten free and vegan restaurant in Barcelona. The Spinach Croquettes a la Catalana are my favorite starter and I recommend the vegan and gluten-free Paella as a main. Make sure to leave some room for dessert because they’ve got a chocolate dessert to die for. You can find Pötstot at Carrer de València in Eixample.


Manioca is a 100% gluten free restaurant with two locations in Barcelona. They serve Brazilian dishes. Amongst others you’ll find Tapiocas on the menu. Tapiocas are a naturally glutenfree dish made from tapioca. You can reserve a seat at the restaurants or order for take-away or delivery.

En Ville

One of the best gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona is En Ville. They show that you can have more than cakes and pizza, but that you can actually go to a fancy restaurant that’s 100% gluten-free. It’s located in a beautiful building from 1877 and they’re open for lunch and dinner. It’s a great place for gluten-free tapas.

Grosso Napolitano Senza Glutine

Grosso Napolitano Senza Glutine is a Napolitana pizzeria of which all the pizzas are gluten-free. But you’ll hardly taste it, their pizza bases are delicious! Please note that there are two other Grosso Napolitano restaurants in Barcelona that aren’t gluten-free. The ‘Senze Glutine’ pizzeria can be found at Carrer de València in Eixample.

Messié Pizza

Another great gluten-free pizzeria is Messié Pizza. They’ve got 3 locations in Barcelona of which 2 are completely gluten-free; you can find them in Eixample and Gracia. Besides many pizzas, they’ve also got pasta, risotto, salads and desserts.

Chök, gluten-free stores

Chök is a great bakery (one of the best bakeries in Barcelona) and they’ve got many gluten-free options, they even got 2 completely gluten-free stores in Barcelona (one in El Born and one near Place del Catalunya). From cinnamon rolls to cookies, Chök will definitely satisfy your gluten-free sweet tooth!

Jansana gluten free bakery

Jansana is a 100% gluten free bakery. They opened up on Carrer Balmes in Eixample, Barcelona in 2015. They were one of the first bakeries for celiacs and food intolerances in Catalonia. They’ve got all your favorites pastries like macarons and brownies, but then in a gluten-free version. They also have a webshop.

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