Vegetarian and Vegan Halloween Recipes

I love celebrating Halloween on the 31st of October. As a meat-free food blogger, I’ve listed some great vegetarian and vegan Halloween recipes on this page. From vegan Halloween snacks to vegetarian Halloween dinner; you can find all kinds of recipes on this page.

Halloween Popsicles

These Halloween popsicles can’t really be called a recipe, as it’s more a Halloween DIY idea. Decorating popsicles for Halloween is a great activity to do with your kids, but also for every grown up that likes food!
These Halloween popsicles might not be very spooky but they are very cute!
Just use chocolate decoration markers on chocolate ice cream bars to make spooky popsicles and use white fondant for the mummy popsicles.

Frankenstein Madeleines

One of my favorite vegetarian Halloween recipes are these Frankenstein Madeleines. They’re original, look cute and are very tasty! I used a basic Madeleine recipe and created the green color with macha powder.
Check the recipe of these Frankenstein Madeleines here.

Halloween Desserts

These Halloween desserts are super easy to make! Just grab some chocolate mousse desserts from the supermarket. Top them with crumbled Oreo cookies and put in two candy worms in each dessert. For even more Halloween fun you can write RIP with chocolate markers on a cookie and put them in the dessert.
Click here for more information on these easy Halloween Desserts.

Vegan Oreo Spiders

These Oreo Spiders are a super easy vegan Halloween treat. You only need Oreo cookies and pretzel sticks. Did you know that Oreo cookies are vegan? Great discovery, right? I used googly eyes for these spiders that aren’t edible, but there are also edible candy eyes that you can use. You can ‘glue’ them on by mixing a bit of powdered sugar with a drop of water.

Halloween Grazing Board

I love making grazing boards! It’s so much fun to just have one big platter of which everyone can nibble. I made this halloween grazing board filled with chocolate, spooky crisps, tangerines, pretzels, nuts and the Oreo spiders mentioned above.

Spooky Cookies

These Spooky Oreo cookies are also super easy to make. Just dip some Oreo Golden cookies in melted white chocolate and put on some edible eyes before the white chocolate sets. That’s it! A fun autumn activity for the kids as well.

Skeleton Cookies

These Skeleton Cookies are one of my favorite vegetarian Halloween recipes because they’re so original. You might wonder how you get black cookies that aren’t burned, so quickly check the recipe for these Skeleton Cookies here.

Spooky Brownies

You can easily turn your home-made brownie into a Halloween brownie by decorating it with little ghosts. Just melt some white chocolate and use a teaspoon and/or a toothpick to make these spooky figures.
Click here for more information about these spooky brownies.

Halloween Pancakes

Isn’t this the perfect Halloween breakfast dish? I made chocolate pancakes and served them with melted chocolate and Halloween-colored chocolate sprinkles. I got the sprinkles from Chockers!, they’re available in the bigger Jumbo, Deka, Hoogvliet and Deen supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Halloween Cupcakes

These Halloween cupcakes are actually just like regular vanilla cupcakes. I just gave them a Halloween ‘touch’. I bought pumpkin cupcake cups and skull shaped picks. They give your cupcakes a Dia de Muertos feel. I bought the skull picks at Dutch store Hema, but it was last year so I’m not sure if they have the exact same ones this year. I topped the cupcakes with whipped cream and blue sprinkles.

Halloween Pizza Snacks

I one bought a silicone cupcake tin with the shapes of 6 little pumpkins. Great to make cakes or cupcakes in the shape of a pumpkin. But you can get more creative with your cupcake tin! You can use it to make these pizza snacks! Watch the video to see how easy it is to make these Halloween pizza snacks.

Halloween chocolates

You can use your pumpkin silicone tray to make other things, like these Halloween chocolates. I sprinkled some of the Halloween sprinkles that I’ve told you about earlier on the bottom of the tins. So that they would be visible in the eyes, nose and mouth. Then I covered it with a 2mm thick layer of melted chocolate. I set the silicone mold in the fridge for about 30 minutes until set and I kept the halloween chocolates in an air-tight container.

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups

If there’s one ingredient that comes to mind when you say Halloween recipes, it’s pumpkin. Pumpkin is the vegetable of October. And every dish that includes pumpkin will suit your Halloween menu. I made these pumpkin peanut butter cups. Perfect for all lovers of Reese’s peanut butter cups. Click here for the recipe of my pumpkin peanut butter cups.

Pumpkin Soup

Every autumn I make a big pan of pumpkin soup. I simply put it in serving size containers and freeze them. This way I can always have a healthy, heartwarming meal even if I’m busy.
The skinny version of my pumpkin soup is suitable for vegans, since I’ve left out the cream. I think the pumpkin itself already makes the soup thick enough. If you really like creamy soups, you can add a bit of coconut milk at the end.
Click here for the recipe of my skinny pumpkin soup.

Stuffed Jack-O-Lanterns

These stuffed jack-o-lanterns make a great vegetarian or vegan Halloween dinner dish. Cut of the tops of one bell pepper per person, remove the seeds. Use a small knife to cut out eyes, a nose and mouth in jack-o lantern style. Sprinkle the peppers with some olive oil and put them in a baking tray. Roast them in the oven in 25 minutes (180C/350F).
You can fill them with any stuffing you like. You could use rice or noodles with vegetables. I’ve stuffed them with pasta and a tomato sauce.

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