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The strange times continue, although most countries are slowly getting less strict. I hope everyone is still in good health and that you are cooking well for yourself now that we can’t go out for dinner. On this page I’m sharing food news from May 2020. Every month I’m sharing my favorite new food products with you. On this page you’ll find food news of May. And there are several discounts for you listed on this page!


The new Jouwbox just came out and it’s already almost sold out! This edition is very popular and I understand why. It’s again filled with high quality products to take good care of yourself. This edition number 9 is composed by Ralph Moorman and Nienke Gottenbos. In the box you’ll find hydration serum from Piroche, tea from Natural Temptation, vitamin pills from Vitals, a leave-on summer mask from Mudmasky, dried fruit from 5th Season, collagen from Niche4Health, Lactibiane tolerance caps, flax-seed from Mattisson, Chufa’s, kefiaar water from Biobite and Nano Silver from the Health Factory. It has a total value of €200,- and if you’re a member you only pay €39,- for the box. And you’ll get a digital course from Nienke Gottenbos for free that normally costs €49,-.
Click here to order Jouwbox edition 9.

Hands off my Chocolate

Hands Off My Chocolate has released a new flavor! Together with hockey player Naomi van As they created the Hazelnut Fortune Cookie flavor. I absolutely love it! The fortune cookies add a nice crunch to the chocolate and the hazelnuts give a creamy, Nutella-like flavor. As I’m super enthusiastic about this new flavor, I’m giving away three packages of 3 chocolate bars each! I’m giving away a package on my Facebook page, Instagram page and on this blog post. If you want to win a box with 3 chocolate bars, all you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter below and leave a comment on why you’d want to win.
Please note: this giveaway is closed. The winner has been announced at the bottom of this page.

Vegan Cheese

SoFine has some great vegan products available. I love their vegan salmon and their kale burgers. And now they’ve introduced something new: vegan SoCheeze cubes. They’re similar to feta cheese cubes but 100% plantbased. They contain less calories than feta cheese, and they’re better for our planet and the animals. They come in three different flavors: Mediterranean herbs, Sundried Tomatoes and Mixed Olives. They’re available at the bigger Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Gluten-free cookies

The mond of May is Coeliakie month (celiac disease month) in the Netherlands and to celebrate I’ve got a special give-away for all my Dutch visitors! You can now win a gluten-free cookie package from Lisa’s Choice! Lisa’s Choice is a gluten-free brand that shows that gluten-free products can still be very tasty! Besides cookies and cakes they’ve got all kinds of other gluten-free products like granola and gluten-free flour (with which I made this blueberry banana-bread). Want to win these three gluten-free cookie packages? Subscribe to my newsletter below and let me know in a comment at the bottom of this page why you’d like to win.
You can also join on my Facebook page and my Instagram account for extra chances of winning.
Please note: this giveaway is closed. The winner has been announced at the bottom of this page.

Oh My Guts

Oh My Guts is a Dutch meal delivery service. They’re a great solution for when you don’t have the time, energy or inspiration to cook yourself but you still want to eat healthy. The two main reasons why I love Oh My Guts is that you don’t need a subscription (as a matter of fact, it’s not even possible to get a subscription), you just order the meals you want that week and you can also just do it every now and again. And the other great thing is that all the meals are healthy. All the dishes are also available in a vegetarian or vegan version, so you can pick whatever suits you!


I just discovered a webshop that is great for foodies! It’s called Worthtumb and they’ve got all kinds of home and kitchen appliances. I ordered this potato slicer and avocado tool. With the potato slicer you can easily make your own fries, which I think is always such a hassle when you have to do it by hand. And with the avocado tool you can cut it open and easily slice it in equal slices. You just pull the spoon-shaped part through the avocado half to get your slices. And this month Worthumb is donating 3% of every sale to the Red Cross, which I think is a great gesture in these strange Corona times.


There’s something new for your sandwich: Chockers! They’re like chocolate sprinkles, but taken to the next level. You can use them on a sandwich like the Dutch do, but they’re also great cake decoration or a little extra in your breakfast bowl. They come in 3 flavors: Hagelslag Dark White, Hagelslag Ruby and Dark Chocolate and Vlokken Milk White Chocolate. The Chockers! are available at the bigger Jumbo, Deka, Hoogvliet and Deen supermarkets.

Yaya Kombucha

Yaya Kombucha is now available in cans! I already loved Yaya Kombucha, it’s a refreshing drink and also great if you want to drink less alcohol but you do want a drink with a rich flavor. And I’ve got more Yaya news. They had a temporary Yuzu flavor, but they’ve added it to their regular assortment. This Japanese citrus fruit adds an extra zing to the kombucha. You can order the Yaya Kombucha cans (that are great for a picnic) at their webshop.


It’s not super new but I just tried Grünten for the first time, so it was new for me. Grünten is ready-made overnight oats based on vegetables. But, here’s the good news, they taste like cake! So you’re having a healthy breakfast that is low in calories and high in fibers and vitamins, and it feels like you’re having dessert! You can save the Grünten in the freezer and just put them in the fridge if you want to eat it in the next days. So you can order a few and you’ll always have a healthy breakfast nearby. They come in three flavors: Apple Pie, Carrot Cake and Red Velvet Brownie. All the cups are ready to eat so you don’t need to warm them up. The Carrot Cake version is also suitable for vegans. The Grünten are available at online supermarket Crisp and via VeganMasters. You can also order them via the Grünten webshop, if you use code TRAVELFOODIE10 you’ll get a 10% discount.

Kickstart your Health course

This one is for all the Dutch speakers! You can join an Instagram course for a healthier lifestyle. The Kickstart your Health course from I am a Foodie helps you to healthier eating habits in only 10 days. The course starts on May 18 via Instagram. For every person that joins the course, I am a Foodie will donate €2,- to the Voedselbank. And I can give you a really cool discount! If you use code ‘annetravel’ when booking, you get a €6,50 discount! You can click here for a free trial and you can click here for more information and to sign up for the course.


In these times where you have to stay at home, I love to take some extra care for myself. The Naturaty box is a great gift for yourself in these strange times. Naturaty is an all vegan box with high quality products. You can find food and cosmetic products in the box. It’s very nice to order for yourself, but it also makes a great sustainable gift. They’ve got several different boxes. Pictured you see the ‘Naturaty For Her‘ box. It includes vegan granola, Acai powder, hazelnut butter, aloe vera gel and much more. The boxes are delivered all over Europe. Click here to order a Naturaty box.

Farmed Today

Last year I already told you about Farmed Today (check it here). On their website you can buy sustainable food from local producers and have them delivered to your home. They can be fruit and vegetables but also all kinds of other products. They didn’t sit still in the past year! They’ve added many new products to their assortment. I’m especially happy with the organic Your Nature products like hazelnuts, cashew nuts and dates.
Use code ANNETRAVELFOODIE and get a 5% discount!
Click here for the Farmed Today website.

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