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I went on a walking dinner in my hometown Tilburg and it was so much fun! You’ll have a three course dinner at three different restaurants. It’s a great way to explore new restaurants but even if you’ve been to them all a walking dinner is a great idea for an original night out. Wether you’re with a group of friend or if it’s just the two of you. And the best thing is that you can book it at any night you want!

You can book the walking dinner at the website of VVV Tilburg. You choose your date and the amount of people. There are no fixed dates, so you can just go whenever it would suit you. There’s also no minimum amount of people necessary. So, sure it’s a great thing to do with a group of friends or your family, but it’s also a very original date-night when it’s just the two of you. And don’t worry; you don’t have to join other people who also booked it; it’s just your company at the tables.
You can choose between 3 budgets; basic, medium and luxury. Shortly before you’re planned dinner you’ll get an email releasing the 3 restaurants that you’ll be visiting.
You can also order a walking dinner with a guide.

As I said I went on walking dinner tour in my hometown Tilburg. You can choose between two areas: the city center of Tilburg and the Piushaven (the harbor area). We went for the tour in the Piushaven because I wanted to explore this upcoming area some more.
We started at my favorite Spanish restaurant in Tilburg: Doncurado. Doncurado shows you that real Spanish food is a lot better than the so called tapas that you’ll find at the all-you-can eat restaurants. My boyfriend had the Iberico ham with shrimps and I got a vegetarian dish with potatoes, mushrooms, green asparagus and a delicious truffle mayonaise. Everything with truffle mayonaise tastes great if you ask me, and this dish was a great combination of flavors and textures.
You can read more about Restaurant Doncurado in Tilburg here or read my travel blogs on Spain here.

Our next stop was Villa Pastorie. I’ve been to this restaurant and Bed&Breakfast for lunch several times but I’ve never been there for dinner. It turned out that I’ve been missing out! The dish I had here might not be very photogenic but it was really delicious. I had halloumi with a sauce of penny bun mushrooms. My boyfriend had pork-belly and we both had a nice glass of wine to go with it.

Time for our last stop: dessert! We had this shared dessert platter at Bij Vermeer. You get a big plate with several desserts on it. For a dessert love like me this is what heaven looks like. We had watermelon pizza, limoncello, ice cream with cookies and caramel and mustard brownies. The latter might sound a bit weird but it actually tasted really good. We loved Bij Vermeer to end our walking dinner because it’s a great place to stay for an after dinner drink.
Please note that Bij Vermeer is closed as of May 2019.

Click here to reserve your walking dinner or click here for all my food favorites in Tilburg. 

Did you know that I also have my own walking dinner that you can book? My Vega Foodie Tour is completely vegetarian and takes you to 4 restaurants in the Spoorzone and Piushaven.

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