Happy World Peanut Butter Day!

I’m celebrating World Peanut Butter day with my favorite peanut butter recipes. From breakfast to snacks and from dinner to dessert; there are so many ways to use peanut butter! And since today, the 24th of January, is World Peanut Butter day I thought it would be a good moment to list my favorite peanut butter recipes on this page.

I love peanut butter. I could eat it every day. On a slice of toasted bread or just with a spoon from the jar (sssht don’t tell my boyfriend). I always have peanut butter without any added salt, oil or sugar. Please check the jars if you buy new ones if this also counts for your favorite brand. I hate those hidden unhealthy ingredients!
That being said: it’s time to enjoy some peanut butter! Check out this page for some peanut butter inspiration.
All the recipes on this page are sugar free, gluten free and vegetarian. And besides the mug cake, all the recipes are suitable for vegans as well!

Peanut butter Jelly Chia pudding
Who says that peanut butter and jelly is only for kids? I made a version of PB&J that grown-ups will love!
I combined it with chia pudding. This pudding is made of chia seeds, which are low in calorie but high in fiber, antioxidants and protein.
You can look at my video to see how to make it or check my two other chia pudding recipes here.

Sweet potato toast with peanut butter
Sweet potato toast is super easy to make, very healthy and it tastes great! There’s not even a real recipe; just cut a sweet potato in slices and toast them in a toaster. I toasted them twice, so that the sweet potato is soft on the inside and a bit crispy on the outside. I topped this one with peanut butter, banana and raw cacao nibs.

Mug cake with peanut butter
For this peanut butter mug cake I added 1 tbs peanut butter to my mug cake recipe before I put it in the microwave. And I topped it with even more peanut butter, bananas and blueberries.

Apple rings with peanut butter and muesli
Apple and peanut butter is such a good combination! For these apple rings just remove the core and cut an apple in rings. Spread some peanut butter on each ring and cover with muesli. Great for breakfast or as a snack.

Peanut butter curry
You can even have peanut butter for dinner!
This curry is vegan, gluten free and super healthy! I didn’t use any butter or sweeteners and because of the red lentils it’s high in fiber and proteins. An ideal meal for vegans (or vegetarians) to get their protein dose! On this page is the recipe for 4 people.

Peanut butter chocolate mousse
You might think it’s difficult to find a dessert that doesn’t contain sugar, wheat, dairy, butter or other high fat ingredients. But this layered mousse dessert proves you wrong! This gluten free and vegan dessert is delicious and creamy without any artificial or unhealthy products! On this page you can find the recipe and the food video showing you how to make this chocolate peanut butter mousse!

Pumpkin peanut butter cups 
I thought it would be a great experiment to make healthy pumpkin peanut butter cups! They turned out really good! And they’re vegan, gluten free and raw.
Check out the super easy (only 3 ingredients!) recipe on this page.

Peanut butter brownies
Healthy 4 ingredient peanut butter brownies!
No sugar, butter or oil needed for this simple but delicious recipe.

Snickers nice cream
Do you think that ice cream doesn’t fit in a healthy lifestyle? Then you haven’t heard about banana ice cream or ‘nice cream’ yet!
Nice cream is fat free, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. Basically it’s just bananas and water! For this snickers nice cream at I drizzled some peanut butter and dark chocolate on top.

Peanut butter cups
Reese’s peanut butter cups contain dairy, salt and added sugar. Besides I think they taste quite artificial. These you can make in a jiffy and are much healthier. My version of peanut butter cups are vegan and gluten free. They don’t contain any added sugar (except for the sugar that’s already in extra dark chocolate). On this page is the recipe and an easy DIY video.

Peanut butter nice cream bowl
I’ve told you about peanut butter nice cream, it’s also nice to make it in a bow. For dessert, breakfast or post-workout snack: whenever you want this peanut butter nice cream bowl always tastes great!

I hope this page gave you enough inspiration for world peanut butter day!

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