Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl

There might be two things in the title that are new to you: Cauliflower Rice and Buddha Bowl. Let me start with the latter; a Buddha Bowl is a healthy vegan dish served in a bowl (read more about what a Buddha Bowl is here).
Cauliflower rice isn’t actually rice, it’s finely chopped cauliflower. When you put unboiled cauliflower florets in a food processor you’ll get this cauliflower rice. If you’re lazy you can even buy cauliflower rice at some supermarkets (I know in the Netherlands you can buy it at the Albert Heijn), you can find it in the cooled vegetables shelf.

The benefits of cauliflower rice is that’s it has more vitamins and fibre than regular white rice. It’s a great way to increase your vegetable intake! You also don’t have to boil cauliflower rice as long as regular rice. Just boil it for 1 or 2 minutes and it’s done. You can also add it to your stir-fry recipes. In this case you don’t have to boil it beforehand.

For this Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl I boiled the cauliflower rice for 2 minutes. I fried 5 falafel balls per person and served the cauliflower rice buddha bowl with sun-dried tomato hummus, half an avocado with black sesame seeds and pickles from Boefkik.

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