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Flipped Story opened up on the Stationstraat, next to coffee cafe Buutvrij, where Troje used to be. Flipped Story serves Asian food, and is the first of its kind in Tilburg. One unique thing about Flipped Story is that they aren’t only open for dinner, but for lunch as well. So they also have several lunch dishes on the menu. I was one of the firsts to try out Flipped Story in Tilburg and on this page I’m telling you all about it.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you enter Flipped Story is the interior. With baby blue, pink and gold you feel like you’ve walked into cotton candy. There are several round tables from either glass or with a marble look. The chairs have gold colored frames with blue or pink pillows. The walls are light blue and pink and the lamps on the ceiling have stars. There are also two ‘bubble chairs’, rocking chairs in the shape of an egg.

Flipped Story is open 7 days a week from noon to 11pm. Everything can also be ordered to-go. But with this sweet interior it’s worth staying in.
On the menu you’ll find some items that are very unique, as far as I know there’s no other place to order Bubble Tea in Tilburg for example. This drink that originated in Taiwan is very popular all over Asia and now you can taste it at Flipped Story!
Another popular Asian food staple that in Tilburg is only available at Flipped Story is the Bubble Waffle. This waffle that contains more eggs than flower is very airy. You can fill it with all kinds of fruit, whipped cream and/or home made ice cream and top it off with toffee or chocolate sauce.

There are also many savory dishes on the menu of Flipped Story. Most of them are inspired by dishes from China, like the Chinese curry noodles and the Beijing Style noodles with soy bean paste. They also sell Asian street-food at Flipped Story, like dim sum, red bean cake, cola chicken wings and rice spring rolls. The rice paper spring rolls (pictured) are gluten free and perfect for a light, more healthy meal.
Click here for my recipe for rice paper packages.

Owners of Flipped Story are Juling and her boyfriend Ke Mai (you can call him Mike). Juling is 23 years old and only has been living in the Netherlands since 2011. She thought the available Chinese food in Tilburg was ‘too Dutch’ and as her boyfriend really likes cooking they decided to open up their own Chinese cafe.
You can like Flipped Story on Facebook or click here for all my food favorites in Tilburg.

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