Food News February and Valentine’s Day

I always keep you up-to-date with all my favorite new food products that have launched. On this page I’m telling you all the food news of February 2021. And since it’s Valentine’s Day this month, I’m also sharing some special Valentine’s products. On this page you’ll find food news of February and Valentine’s Day.

Australian Valentijn

In the webshop of Australian Homemade Chocolates you can buy all kinds of Valentine treats. You can order them easily online and within a few days they’re delivered to your door (or to your lovers’ door). You can also add a sweet postcard and you have the option to send your chocolate anonymously. They’ve got big chocolate hearts in all kind of flavors but also boxes with several different love themed chocolates.
I’m giving away a Valentine’s package of Australian on my Instagram channel, so keep an eye out on my Instagram account!

Tony’s Chocolonely

More chocolate news for Valentine’s Day. Tony’s Chocolonely’s ‘Valentony’s’ bar is available again. The milk chocolate bar with rose and raspberry flavor was very popular last year with Valentine’s Day, so I’m happy that it’s back.
And this year they’ve also got a great new wrapper for Valentine’s day. You can choose around which bar you want to put the wrapper and which box to check. Order it quickly via the Tony’s web-shop.


Do you already know BASE247®? They sell all kinds of supplements to help you achieve your goals. They’ve got big packages of Whey Protein that’s perfect for your protein shakes or protein pancakes. But they also have all kinds of other supplements like multivitamins, Omega-3 and a pre-workout mixture with fruit punch flavor. You can search for your goal (like more energy or muscle mass) and find products fitting that goal.

Your Super

Your Super, whom you might know from their superfood mixes, have launched a new food product this February. They now also have superfood bars. These healthy bars are a great snack and are made with 100% natural ingredients like dates and nuts. There are 3 flavors: Chocolate Lover, Super Green Bar and Golden Mellow Bar. They are all 100% organic and vegan. There’s no sugar added, so you can enjoy your snack guilt-free.

Vegan Hands off My Chocolate

Great news for vegans! Hands off My Chocolate has a new vegan chocolate bar. They already had two vegan chocolate bars, but they were both with dark chocolate. But vegans are often craving for a vegan version of milk chocolate. Hands off my Chocolate has launched a vegan caramel sea salt bar with hazelnut praline. It tastes so good! And I’m very happy for everyone that wants to eat (more) plant-based that they now can enjoy a good milk chocolate bar!

JouwBox Ekoplaza

I’ve told you about JouwBox before, as it’s a great gift to give yourself. You’ll get a box by mail, filled with goodies to take good care of yourself. This time they have an Ekoplaza edition, it’s made in cooperation with the organic supermarket. All products in this JouwBox are organic. You can find food products like Stella chocolate, Gkazas olive oil, Your Organic Nature seed mix, Cleo’s blossom tea, Innerme protein bar, Ekoplaza coffee, Dr Martins ice coffee, Frankly Juice ginger shot and a Lovechock bar. But there are also beauty products in the box, like the Weleda shower gel, the Botanique shampoo bar, Chi aloe vera gel, Dr Hauschka rose bath and Bee Hones soap. There are also some supplements in the Ekoplaza Jouwbox, like fish oil from from Artic Blue, Orthica B12 tablets and Vitals saffran capsules.
Click here to order the JouwBox Ekoplaza.

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