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I can’t believe it’s already July! 2019 is just flying by! We moved into our new house on July 1st and it’s my Birthday on July 13, so this Food News July 2019 page is a happy one! I’m organizing several giveaways and as always I’m keeping you posted about food news of this month.

Fresh Tea from Koffie-Loods

I’m a real tea lover. I start the day with a big cup and it’s pretty much all I drink during the day. I never use dried tea in tea bags any more and always drink fresh tea. The taste is just so much better. I love discovering new brands so I was very happy to find out that Koffie Loods doesn’t only have coffees, but that they also have many fresh tea brands. I went for La Vie del Te this time, an Italian brand that offers high quality teas. I went for this tasting package but if you order your tea at you can choose your own color of the tin. If you order before 3pm, you get it delivered the next day.

Captain Kombucha

The probiotic drinks from Captain Kombucha are now available in the Netherlands. There are 3 different flavors: original, California Raspberry and Ginger Lemon. All drinks are completely organic and free of artificial additives. The drinks are 100% vegan. The fermented drinks are made in Portugal but now also available in the Netherlands.

Veggie Chicken Pizza

Domino’s has launched several pizzas with vegetarian chicken in the Netherlands. I’m super happy with this initiative as it’ll make it easier for people to eat vegetarian! I tried their Pizza VEGGI! BBQ Chipotle chicken as you can see on the picture, but they also have a Pizza VEGGI! Chicken Piri Piri and a Pizza VEGGI! Chicken burger. The vegetarian chicken tasted great, and in combination with the BBQ sauce it’s a very tasty pizza that will satisfy everyone (yes, also your meat-loving friends!).

Pulled Oats

Pulled Oats from Gold&Green is a new meat-replacement. It comes from Finland and is available at the Albert Heijn supermarket in the Netherlands. Besides oats, these Pulled Oats are made from broad beans, peas, water, oil and a bit of salt. So no strange or dodgy ingredients. The Pulled Oats are 100% vegan and relatively high in proteins (30%), making it a great protein source for vegetarians and vegans.

Healthy People Fruit toppings

Healthy People, the brand that you might know from their healthy fruit juices, has released something new: Fruit Toppings. There are 3 different toppings; blueberries in syrup and blueberry and cranberry compote. You can use them for all kinds of things; a scoop of the fruit topping tastes great in your yogurt for example. But they’re also great as a topping on cakes.

Australian Tea

Australian, which you might know from the chocolates, now also has organic tea. They already had organic coffee in their assortment, but for tea lovers like myself the new teas are great. They have one black, chai, tea from Sri Lanka and 5 green teas from China: Beautea, Puritea, Teatox, Mintea en Nightea. The teas are 100% organic and fairtrade and available at Albert Heijn.

CoolBest Smoothie

You probably know CoolBest from their fruit juices in cardboard packages, but they’ve just released something new: CoolBest Smoothie. The smoothies are made with sustainably grown fruits and don’t contain any added sugars or dairy. The refreshing smoothies come in 3 different flavors:
Strawberry, banana and orange
Mango and passionfruit
Raspberry and blueberries

Quaker Protein Oats (win a years supply)

We all know Quaker from the breakfast cereals, but they now have something new: Quaker Protein Oats. In the package you’ll find 8 portions of high protein express oats. Just add milk or water and microwave your oats for 2.5 minute. The Quaker Protein Oats are available at Albert Heijn en Jumbo supermarkets in the Netherlands.
If you live in the Netherlands you can win a years supply of Quaker Protein Oats by clicking on this link (you can join until July 31st 2019)

Gigi Gelato

These new vegan ice cream popsicles from Gigi Gelato are perfect for summer. They’re made with cold pressed juice. And even though they don’t contain any cream or milk, they do taste very creamy. These Italian ice creams are low in fat and come in three delicious fruit flavors:
Orange, Carrot and Ginger
Mango, Passionfruit and Fennel
Strawberry, Blueberry and Beetroot.
They are available at most bigger Dutch supermarkets.


CEDER’S is an alcohol free gin. And even though they ditched the alcohol, they didn’t give in on style. The bottle looks at least as good as a regular gin bottle. Many people are watching their alcohol consumption and it’s quite popular to drink little or no alcohol. CEDER’S now makes it possible to enjoy an alcohol free gin-tonic in style. Combine the CEDER’S gin with some tonic, cucumber and ice cubes and you won’t taste the difference with a regular Gin and Tonic.

MyMuesli Toppings

I’m a big fan of the muesli mixes from MyMuesli that come in a beautiful cylinder package. But now they have something new to make your breakfast bowl even better: Muesli Toppings! They have three different flavors of toppings that you can add to your yogurt with muesli in the morning. The Fruits and Nuts Topping has crunchy nuts, berries and chocolate blueberries. The Super Mix Topping is a high-protein topping with berries and cinnamon. The Berry Crunch Topping is a fruity topping with baked nuts and organic honey.
Especially for visitors of my website we’ve created a special offer; you now get a try-out set with 6 different mueslis for free if you order for at least 10,- euros on the MyMuesli website (offer is valid until July 31).

Do you like MyMuesli? Keep an eye out on my Facebook page as I will soon have a very cool giveaway!

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