10 most popular recipes of 2020

During this strange Corona year, my recipes were read much more than my travel blogs. On this page I’m sharing the 10 most popular recipes of 2020 from my blog. These 10 recipes were read most by the visitors of my blog. Which ones did you check? And which one do you still want to make?

1 Bulgur with mushrooms

The most popular recipe of my blog in 2020 was a recipe from Ottolenghi. It’s the recipe for bulgur with with mushrooms and feta cheese from Ottolenghi’s cookbook Simpel. I absolutely love the recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi, and I guess my readers love him too.
Click here for the recipe for bulgur with mushrooms from Ottolenghi (it’s in Dutch).

2 Portobellosteaks

As I said, you guys love Ottolenghi as much as I do! The second most popular recipe on my blog is also one from Ottolenghi! I’ve shared the recipe for Portobello steaks from his newest cookbook Flavour with you. It’s been read thousands of times, so it’s very popular!
Click here for the recipe of Portobellosteaks from Ottolenghi.

3 Zephyrs

I learned to make Zephyrs when I was in Latvia. Zephyrs might look like meringues but they’re really different. For starters you won’t need an oven to make them! Zephyrs look like roses, so they’re great to make as a gift for someone.
Click here for the recipe for Zephyrs.

4 Avocado Pancakes

My recipe for avocado pancakes has been super popular on my blog for years. I’ve published it in 2017 and it was my second most popular recipe in 2019. If I look at the numbers from when I started my blog, this recipe for Avocado Pancakes is even the most popular recipe!
Click here for the recipe for Avocado Pancakes in English (en klik hier voor het recept in het Nederlands).

5 Unicorn Noodles

My 5th most popular recipe of 2020 are these Unicorn Noodles. They’re mostly popular on Pinterest (it’s my most pinned picture ever), so many people get to the recipe via Pinterest. You can read the recipe for Unicorn Noodles here, and you can also click here for a video showing you how I made them.

6 Peanut Butter Date Fudge with chocolate

This recipe for peanut butter date fudge with chocolate, inspired by Donna Hay, is the most liked picture on my Instagram account. And it reached number 6 in this list of most popular recipes of 2020. I understand why; it’s super easy to make, really tasty and it feels like a cheat-meal even though it doesn’t include any added sugars.
Click here for the recipe for peanut butter date fudge with chocolate.

7 Cute Food Ideas

The number 7 on this list is not 1 recipe, but 10 recipes! On my page with Cute Food Ideas I’m sharing 10 ideas to make adorable food like Kitty Kat Donuts or Unicorn Toast. These foods are very Instagrammable and very nice to make with kids!
Click here for my cute food ideas.

8 Fried rice with falafel

My vegan dinner recipe for fried rice with falafel was also very popular last year. What I like about this recipe, is that it’s super easy to make. But it’s more original than other easy dishes (like pasta). So you can surprise yourself and your table companions.
Click here for the recipe of fried rice with falafel.

9 Vegetarian Roti

Roti is a dish that’s very popular in Suriname. I created a vegetarian roti recipe and it turned out to be one of the most popular recipes on my blog this year. Roti is a typical dish that not many people make themselves, but it’s great to try it once!
Click here for the recipe of vegetarian Roti.

10 Hummus Ice Cream

And the number 10 on my list is my recipe for Hummus Ice Cream. It might sound like a strange combination to eat ice cream made of hummus, but it’s nicer than you might think! The trend for hummus ice cream started in a New York restaurant and I created a sugar-free version of it.
Click here for my Hummus Ice Cream recipe.

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog this year! I hope I can inspired you in 2021 again with many new recipes!

Click here for all my vegetarian recipes.

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