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Maybe it’s because it’s spring and sunny days make me feel like exploring more, but I’m really into discovering the towns around my hometown Tilburg. I went to Everything Sweet Cafe in Gilze-Rijen earlier and now I’m exploring Goirle. Goirle is a small town to the south of Tilburg and is easily reached by bike (it’s about 15 minutes from the city centre of Tilburg).
There are some nice restaurants in Goirle for dinner, but a good lunchroom was missing in my opinion. Luckily we now have Koffiebakkers!

In the beginning of 2019 Tom Bakkers, who worked and managed restaurants in the Efteling for years, decided that it was time to open up his own coffeeshop and lunchroom. He found a really nice premises at de Hovel in his birthplace Goirle. Within biking distance from Tilburg but also with free parking spots nearby. This was the start of the Koffiebakkers lunchroom in Goirle.
The name (‘Coffeebakers’) already reveals what it’s all about at Koffiebakkers: coffee and freshly baked bread and cakes. They serve all kinds of coffees, teas (like chai latte) and hot chocolates.
I recommend that you enjoy it in the beautiful designed restaurant, but you can also order everything to go.

On the lunch menu you’ll find several ‘tosti’s’ (grilled cheese sandwiches), warm lunch dishes like soup or ‘kroketten’ and an extensive list of sandwiches. The sandwiches are served on white or bread desem bread.
Koffiebakkers is one of the few spots in Goirle where there’s enough choice for vegetarians, they even have a vegan hummus sandwich.
Vegetarian lunch options include homemade egg salad, young cheese and homemade herb-spread. I went for the goat cheese brie served with lettuce, tomato, walnuts and a honey-mustard dressing.

My friend went for the wood-smoked salmon with the homemade herb-spread, cucumber and red onion.
You can also order lunch at Koffiebakkers for your office or workplace, call or email them for more information.
Are you a coffee lover? Ask for a stamp-card at Koffiebakkers. You get a stamp with each warm drink you buy and if you have 12 stamps you get something for free like a cup of coffee or tea.

The word bakers is in the name for a reason; you can get delicious cakes at Koffiebakkers! Some of the cakes and sweets are homemade by Tom, like his carrot cake. And some of the cakes he gets from one of my favorite cake shops in Tilburg Zoete Moed.
Which cakes and sweets they have changes regularly, so you can have a look at the counter to see which ones are available.
We had a carrot cake and orange poppyseed cake.

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