The convenience of online grocery shopping

More and more people discover the the convenience of online grocery shopping. A recent study by GFK shows that one in 6 Dutch households orders their groceries online regularly. The popularity of the online supermarket has grown enormously in recent years. In this blog you will find comprehensive information about the convenience of online grocery shopping: what are the pros and cons? And which online supermarkets are there, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages of the online supermarket

These days, we are used to order everything online: Fashion, a new washing machine, holidays, insurances and so on. And now more and more households also discover the convenience of the online supermarket.
Let’s see what the main advantages are:
* It saves a lot of time and energy
* Most supermarkets deliver all your groceries right into your kitchen
* You can shop your groceries online wherever and whenever you like. Forget the fixed opening hours of your supermarket
* Online, it is quite easy to compare prices. This way, you can easily order at the cheapest supermarket
* Last but not least: online you are way more aware of what you are buying. When you are walking through the supermarket, you are being influenced by all kinds of advertisements. Research shows that online shoppers are less sensitive to advertising. Moreover, online shoppers do make unhealthy and expensive impulse purchases


And what are the disadvantages?

There is still a very large group of Dutch people who don’t like online grocery shopping. There are still some disadvantages to the online supermarket. The most common reasons why people prefer the physical supermarket are:
* The delivery costs are high.
* The minimum order amount is high
* you have to wait at home for the deliverer
* Some people just like it to visit a supermarket. They like the social contacts in the store.
* When you shop in the supermarket, you can choose fresh products such as vegetables and fruit by yourself. So “offline” you have more control.


Top-3 online supermarkets in the Netherlands

  1. Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is the most famous and largest online supermarket in the Netherlands. AH has the largest product range, delivers throughout the Netherlands, and offers a wide choice of time slots for delivery and pick-up. The most important disadvantage is the high minimum order amount of €70. The delivery costs vary from € 3.95 – € 12.95, depending on the chosen time-slot. Collecting your groceries at an Albert Heijn pick-up point costs €1,50 – €3,50.

Minimum order amount: €70
Delivery costs: €3,95 – €12,95
Pick-up point: €1,50 – €3,50

  1. Jumbo

Jumbo has considerably improved the online supermarket. Last year, Jumbo opened dozens of new pick-up points. This is also one of the main advantages of Jumbo: Pick-up points are established throughout the Netherlands. You can pick-up your groceries whenever you like. Unfortunately, the grocery delivery service is not available nationwide yet. Jumbo accepts orders starting from € 50. The delivery costs are € 6.00, and for € 1.00 you can pick up the groceries in the stores.

Minimum order amount: €50
Delivery costs: €6,00
Pick-up point: €1,00 – €3,50

  1. Picnic

Picnic is a 100% online supermarket in the Netherlands. You can only order your groceries with the Picnic App, there are no physical stores. Currently, Picnic is active in 70 cities such as Utrecht, Amersfoort, Tilburg and Rotterdam. Picnic offers a low minimum order amount of just €25. Moreover, the supermarket doesn’t charge delivery costs. A very nice feature of the Picnic App: you can track your order live. This way, you know exactly what time the deliverer is at your home.

Minimum order amount: 25,-
Delivery costs: €0,00
Pick-up point: Not possible

Other online grocery options

De Buurtboer
De Buurboer started as an online service to order lunches for companies, but as of the start of 2020 they also deliver grocery packages. Via De Buurtboer aan Huis they deliver grocery packages in the Randstad. You can choose between a 1-2 person and a 3-4 person box. You can order weekly or biweekly and they work with great suppliers like Frank’s Smokehouse. is like an online supermarket, but then for more exotic foods. So it’s like an online toko. Here you can order all kinds of foreign products like Turkish yogurt, Medjool dates, fresh herbs and sauces. I think it’s a great addition to regular online grocery stores where you can buy your daily needs. Every once in a while I order at for more special items.

Crisp offers high quality products and has a big focus on fresh foods. You can order until 10pm and they deliver the next evening. Crisp delivers everywhere in the Netherlands on weekday evenings and in the Randstad also in the weekends.
The minimum order amount is €50, the delivery costs are €2,95. If your order is above €75, the delivery is free.

Pieter Pot
Pieter Pot is a packaging free grocery delivery service. They deliver your groceries in either cardboard packaging or glass jars. You can hand in your empty jars during your next order. They’ve got all kinds of products, from breakfast items like cereal to snacks like crisps. They’ve also got sustainable personal hygiene products.

Vico Food Box
If you’re looking for authentic Italian products, you can order them online at Vico Food Box and have them delivered all over the Netherlands and other European countries. From Italian sweets like Baci and Pan di Stelle, to savory products like Mutti tomato products and baby food. You can also order Italian wines and prosecco. With code Foodielover5 you get a €5 discount on your order of minimal €40,- at Vico Food Box.

Do you live in Brabant? Then you might also like Boerschappen or Goei Eete, where you can buy your groceries from local farmers.

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