Our new house: upstairs

We got a new house! I already showed you our gardens and our new kitchen, and now it’s time to show you how our new house looks upstairs! We have a bathroom and 3 bedrooms upstairs. We also have an attic, but as we only use it for storage room at the moment I don’t think it’s worth showing in this post.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom isn’t necessarily the biggest bedroom, but it’s on the back of the house so it’s the most quiet one. The floor was already there and the rooms were already painted white, so we didn’t have to do much about it.
We just moved our bed, night stand and fake sheep fur in. I did get new bed covers from Van Morgen to give the bedroom a whole new feel. I went for the Grey of Light bed covers that are made from satin-cotton. It has a mat look, so it doesn’t ‘shine’ but does feel soft.

We also got a plant in our bedroom, it’s a Monstera. I mostly picked it because I love the leaves, but it’s also a great air purifier. The Monstera originally comes from Panama and Mexico, so I can dream about our trips to there when I’m in bed! Speaking of dreams, it’s thought that the Monstera boosts dreams and brings luck!


I have to admit that I didn’t like the bathroom that much when we saw the house for the first time. I didn’t really like the brown accents and the previous owners had many pink and purple accents in the bathroom. But now that we have our own stuff in it, I like it more and more. My boyfriend ordered a plant that’s made for bathrooms and with our more ‘clean’ look, I think we’ll keep it like this.

My Food Studio

Besides the master bedroom we have 2 extra bedrooms and an attic upstairs. This means that we both got one of the bedrooms to furnish as we wanted. I decorated ‘my’ bedroom as a food studio! I’m so happy with my own food studio! I’ve got a setting with photography backgrounds in this room and it’s a great room to keep all my props!
I bought this cabinet at IKEA and I got storage boxes from Sunware. I got boxes in different sizes and colors but they’re all from the Sigma collection from Sunware. You can just mix and match your favorite colors!

Walk-in Closet & Man Cave

My boyfriend uses the 3rd bedroom. As I expected, he didn’t really decorate it. He just keeps the boxes with his stuff there. They’ll probably stay unpacked for months.
We were supposed to put our wardrobe in ‘my’ bedroom, but it turned out that the ceiling was too low in that room and it did fit in my boyfriends room. So I was lucky and I got my room all to myself and he has our big wardrobe in his room. But he’s not using the room much anyway, so I guess it worked out fine!

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