Our new house: the kitchen

We’ve been living in our new home for a few weeks now. I’ve already showed you some pictures of our new frontyard and backyard, now it’s time to show you our kitchen. As a foodie he kitchen is a very important space in the house for me. We kept the kitchen as it was for now, but we’ll change it a bit in the future as we think it can use some adjustments. Or we might even buy a new kitchen.

As you might know, our house is an old farmhouse from 1884. The current kitchen is designed to match that style and I like that. It wouldn’t be the style I would go for normally (that would be more modern), but I really think it fits the house. The cabinets are cream colored and the yellow tiles with a dark blue border are just how you could have seen them in an old house.

I got a Cabanaz clock to fit the style of the kitchen. Cabanaz has many retro items, like tableware. I went for their classic white wall clock and I think it matches the kitchen design really well.
In front of the windows are wooden shutters in the same color as the kitchen cabinets. The previous owners put them up, but we really like them, so we decided to keep them.

Opposite the cabinets is he fridge that is build in a retro cabinet and a Heartland stove. Both were already put there by the previous owners. I really like how it matches the old farm-style, but I’m getting more and more doubts about them. They take up a lot of space, especially the stove. And we don’t have that many kitchen cabinets, so we could also go for a smaller stove and get some extra cabinets.
We also have played with the idea of breaking down this wall and turning it into an open kitchen. But we’re not sure yet if that’ll match with the style of the kitchen. And it might also be beyond our budget, so we’re still considering.

I got this kittle especially for our kitchen. I love the retro look of our kitchen so I also wanted a water kettle with a retro look. I love this cream colored nostalgic water kettle from Bourgini. It has a round platform so you can turn the kettle 360 degrees and place it however you want. It shows the temperature on the outside, which is perfect for green tea where you want the temperature to be around 80 degrees. I went for the cream colored water kettle, but they also have this model in black.

From the windows above the sink you have a view over a part of our backyard. In the window sills I’m growing my own herbs. The handsoap is from ME&MATS. Their handsoaps are 100% vegan and paraben free. I love the label too. This line is called Love Perfect and the label has all kinds of sweet little drawings on it.

I’m super happy with how my Le Creuset pans fit perfectly in our new kitchen. I have a black pan on permanently on the stove and for our new kitchen I got this new blue pan. Le Creuset now has a whole Ombre range, where the colors are dark at the bottom and gradually get lighter. I got the ombre blue saucepan from Le Creuset, it’s also available in pink and grey.

My stick blender broke about a year ago and I never got a new one because I found most stick blenders rather ugly. They’re often all white and look like they were all made in the eighties. I was very happy to find this stylish stick blender from Princess. The black handle gives it a sturdy look. This hand blender comes with a whole set, so you also get a measuring cup, a chopper and a whisk.

With our new kitchen I also got a whole range of new food containers. Especially since we don’t have that much cabinet space, I like to keep things organized and compact. I got my food containers from Sunware. I’ve got food containers for cookies and pasta and those kind of foods in white and I got containers in blue for left-over meals that I want to use for another time or for my lunch to take with me to work. The great thing about these boxes from Sunware is that they’re both freezer as microwave proof. So you can just save it in the freezer and microwave it when you want to eat it. Because of the see-through top you can see which meal you’re getting.
The boxes are also great to use on a picnic by the way!

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