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I don’t think there are many reasons to visit Someren, but there’s one and it’s a very good one. The reason is called Restaurant Ons Jongens (our boys). It’s located in Someren-Eind, just beneath Someren which can be found East of Eindhoven. It’s one of the best restaurants in East Brabant; dinner at Ons Jongens alone is reason enough to travel to Someren!

Chef Jan van Hout runs restaurant Ons Jongens on the spot where his parents used to have a snackbar. With his 26 years, van Hout is one of the youngest chefs cooking on this high level. In 2016 he was the runner-up in the European Young Chef awards.
He started Ons Jongens 7 years ago in a small room, next-door to his parents snackbar and since december 2018 he expanded so that both rooms are available for the restaurant.

Jan van Hout likes to make surprising dishes with recognizable ingredients. He works with seasonal vegetables as often as possible and loves local ingredients and recipes. There’s no menu at Restaurant Ons Jongens, you just choose if you want 3 4, 5 or 6 courses. And of course you can let them know if there are any allergies or dietary requests. Van Hout made a vegetarian menu for me.
Before you get your menu, you’ll get some amuses. We had a bombe of Dutch asparagus, a macaron with espresso and Crème fraîche. We also had a little cone with popped potato and corn.

As a first course we had ceviche. For me Jan van Hout made a vegetarian version of this fish dish from South America. It was served with asparagus, avocado cream, vegetables from Brabantse farmers, a sorbet from gazpacho and puffed rice.

Our second course was a plate with dim sum bites stuffed with pumpkin. It was served with shiitake mushrooms, white cabbage, radishes and red curry. For the non vegetarians it was served with shortly fried fish.
I didn’t expect to get an exotic dish like dim-sum in a restaurant in a small town in Brabant. I was positively surprised by the use of these non-traditional ingredients.

As a main dish I had these pomme fondant from sweet potato, served with cantharellen mushrooms, silverskin onions and Romanesco broccoli.
I love sweet potatoes so this dish was perfect for me.
All the dishes at Ons Jongens contain quite a few ingredients that all have different colors and textures but that make a perfect combination together.

For dessert we had this chocolate ganache with a hint of red pepper, it was served with a bavarois from pineapple and a mousse from mango. The carrot strips were sweetened and fitted surprisingly well with the chocolate.

Restaurant Ons Jongens in Someren is open from Thursday to Sunday (and on Tuesday and Wednesday by reservation). Click here to reserve your table at Restaurant Ons Jongens.

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